Behringer B612D User Manual

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Professional Powered Speakers


Active 1500-Watt2-WayPA Speaker System with 15" Woofer and 1.75" Titanium Compression Driver

High-power1500-Watt2-wayPA sound reinforcement speaker system for live and playback applications

Ultra-compactand light weight system delivers excellent sound even at extreme sound pressure levels

Revolutionary Class-Damplifier technology: enormous power, incredible sonic performance andsuper-lightweight

Internal switch-modepower supply fornoise-freeaudio, superior transient response and very low power consumption

Integrated sound processor for ultimate system control and speaker protection

Extremely powerful 15/12'' long-excursiondriver provides incredibly deep bass and acoustic power

State-of-the-art1.75''titanium-diaphragmcompression driver for exceptional highfrequency reproduction

Ultra-widedispersion,large-formatexponential horn

Ultra-lownoise Mic/Line input with Volume control and Clip LED

Dedicated 2-bandEQ for perfect sound adjustment

Thanks to our revolutionary Class-Damplifier technology and internal switchmode power supplies, EUROLIVE D Series loudspeakers provide a much betterpower-to-weightratio than competing active speakers. Put simply, you get all the power of traditionalbi-ampedactive loudspeakers without all the backbreaking weight. And the sound quality of these lightweight loudspeakers exceeds that of our extremely popular EUROLIVE B215D and B212D systems, plus we've given them

even more output power and a significant transducer upgrade.

Due to their high-efficiencydesign, EUROLIVE B615D and B612D active loudspeakers crank out 1500 of the cleanest, punchiest audio Watts we've ever packed into a compact loudspeaker system. The integrated sound processor provides total system control for dependable protection of the LF/HF transducers, and thanks to the built-

in active high-passfilter, you can run them full out without the slightest hint of distortion. In addition, both models feature anUltra-LowNoise (ULN) Mic/Line input with Level control and dedicated2-bandEQ (bass/treble) for easy control.

Intelligent by Design

One of the coolest things about active loudspeakers is the lack of back-breakingracks of amps, crossovers and EQs that are often required to make passive speaker systems sound almost as good. But that comes with atrade-off—thatextra weight is transferred to the loudspeaker, making it difficult for a single user to heave all that mass onto the top of a speaker stand. BEHRINGER EUROLIVE D Series'“Intelligent-Design”merges the best features of active loudspeakers

with significantly lower weight through the use of switch-modepower supplies (SMPS) andClass-Damplifier topology.

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Additional Line output allows linking of additional speaker systems

Versatile trapezoidal enclosure design allows different positioning:

Stand mounting with 35-mmpole socket

Tilts on its side for use as a floor monitor

Ergonomically shaped handles for easy carrying and setup

High-qualitycomponents and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

Conceived and designed by


Class-DAmplifier Technology Delivers

High Power With Low Weight

Instead of operating relatively continuously like Class-ABcircuits,Class-Damps switch on and off thousands of times per second, delivering power only as it is needed. In other words, the amplifier is either fully on or fully off,

Top-mounted,weight-balancedcarry handle

Ultra-widedispersion, large formatmulti-cellhorn


Extremely powerful 15"/12" long-excursionLF transducer provides incredibly deep bass and acoustic power

Rubber feet for stacking enclosure on structures or subwoofers

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which significantly reduces the power losses in the output devices. Although we didn't invent Class-Dtechnology, our R&D Department has spent years perfecting our own version with all the benefits of reduced weight and coolrunning—andnone of the drawbacks.

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Ergonomically shaped carry handles on each side of enclosure

for easy transport of system

State-of-the-art1.75"titanium-diaphragmcompression driver for exceptionalhigh-frequencyreproduction

Impact resistant, molded enclosure. Trapezoid shape allowsuseaspowered monitor wedge

1- 3/8" (35-mm)pole socket for standard speaker stands

B615D/B612D rear panel callout

¼" INPUT jack for

LEVEL control

balanced TRS and

with CLIP LED for

unbalanced TS

optimizing input


signal level

MIC/LINE input


jack with internal

LOW shelving



preamplifier for

controls, ±15 dB

balanced XLR

@ 12 kHz and 80 Hz





XLR jack lets you

Power LED

connect additional

BEHRINGER active loudspeaker systems


Massive Power to Size Ratio

At the heart of each B615D and B612D are two high-currentamplifiers with a combined maximum output of 1500 Watts. TheseClass-Damps are capable of driving the speakers to their maximum without damage or distortion thanks to their internal active protection circuits. Put simply,

these systems will astound you with their massive punch, smooth midrange and articulate top-end.


Let's face it; the transducers (woofers and tweeters) are the only part of a sound system you actually hear, so we never

cut any corners here. While some of our competitors are content to buy off-the-shelftransducers and plug them into their boxes, wecustom-designand build ours from scratch. We wind the voice coils, process the paper pulp intocones—andeven machine our own back plates. This enables us to control the quality, and frankly to make better components, like the longexcursion 12 and 15" LF transducers andstate-of-the-art1.75"titanium-diaphragmcompression drivers we load into each and every B612D/B615D.

Instant PA System

With just a single EUROLIVE D Series loudspeaker and a microphone you can set up an instant sound system. Thanks to the built-inpreamp section, you just connect a dynamic mic and raise and lower the volume with the Level control. Place the speaker on a tabletop or stand, and power up. It's just that easy. And if you need more coverage, say for a larger room or audience, you can add more active loudspeakers via the convenient Link Output XLR connector.

Stereo Music System

You can even use two D Series enclosures for stereo playback of your music sound files without any additional

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hardware. Just plug the appropriate stereo “breakout” adapter into your deck's output jack and run the cables to the

1/4" inputs on each loudspeaker. Set the Level and EQ controls the same on both enclosures. Voilà, instant party!

Marvelous as Monitors

Thanks to their trapezoidal design, these cabinets can be laid on their side providing the ideal angle for onstage monitor wedge applications. Hookup is simple, requiring only a single XLR or 1/4" cable from the monitor send on your mixing console and power. Additional

monitors can be chained together via the XLR Link Output jack on the rear panel.

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Connecting a Microphone

XM8500 Mic

Connecting a Music Player

CD Player



Powerful Low Frequency Response

The EUROLIVE D Series was built with extended low frequency handling in mind. Thanks to their internally braced, injection-molded,tuned-portenclosures, these bad boys really crank out serious quantities of bass. Keep in mind that bass response varies according to LF transducer

size, so the larger the speaker, the more bass you will be able to generate.

Articulate Midrange and Treble

Even if your particular application doesn't include booming bass, you'll love the sheer accuracy of these loudspeakers. Over a

year went into designing an exponential horn/titanium-diaphragmcompression driver combination that could handle serious hard rock or dancemusic—yetalso satisfy audiophiles with its musical timbre and attention to detail. For spoken word, singing or acoustical instruments, the EUROLIVE D Series isun-matchedfor its ability to articulate complex harmonic content. In fact, many customers say these are the mostnatural-soundingspeakers

they've ever heard, even when compared to systems costing much more.

Processor Controlled Output

Hidden deep inside each enclosure is the equivalent of an active 2-wayelectronic crossover,

graphic EQ, parametric EQ, mic preamp, limiter and two Class-Dpower amplifiers, yet overall weight is less than comparable loudspeaker systems. These components work together seamlessly to provide optimal sound quality without you ever having to touch a single knob.

As output demands rise, the internal processor frees up LF amp and transducer resources by reducing program bass content, so that higher overall system volume can be realized. It's like having a tiny soundman inside

each cabinet constantly monitoring and changing output parameters for the best possible sound.

Which Speaker Should I Buy?

Well, let's start with your application… are you giving a speech in a hotel ballroom—orrocking out at the local bar or dance club? Whether to choose one speaker cabinet over another depends on your bass requirements. A 15" woofer has

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about 40% more surface area with which to move air than a 12" and that translates into more bass. So if you're addressing a meeting, or jamming at the local blues joint, the B612D might be all you'll ever need. But if you're providing disco in a busy nightclub, hosting Karaoke night in your living room, or just want a little more “thump”, then the B615D may be a better choice.

Sound Value

EUROLIVE active PA loudspeakers stand head and shoulders above the rest of the pack and deliver exceptional performance, even when pushed to their limits. Lightweight and powerful, with built-inmixers, 2 band EQ and

custom-designedtransducers, B612D and B615D active loudspeakers are ideal for both speech and musicapplications—ata price unheard of in this class.

Experience the B612D and B615D at your local dealer today and find out why more and more professionals are turning to BEHRINGER EUROLIVE Series active loudspeakers for their superb performance and extraordinary value.

Connecting Multiple Loudspeakers


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Amplifier Power Output



Max output power

1500 W






Speaker Size




15" / 387 mm



1.75" / 44 mm



Speaker Size




12" / 308 mm



1.75" / 44 mm



Audio Inputs


XLR (servo-balanced)







-40dBu to +4 dBu





Input impedance

20 kΩ



1/4" TRS jack (servo-balanced)






-40dBu to +4 dBu





Input impedance

20 kΩ




Level control






Input Trim

–∞to + 30 dB





Max. input level

+22 dBu











XLR connector






Loudspeaker System Data



Frequency Response

50 Hz to 18 kHz





Crossover frequency

1.8 kHz





Sound pressure level

max. 126 dB SPL @ 1 m











Dynamic Equalizer








Loudspeaker System Data



Frequency Response

60 Hz to 18 kHz





Crossover frequency

2.1 kHz





Sound pressure level

max. 125 dB SPL @ 1 m











Dynamic Equalizer












12 kHz / ±15 dB






80 Hz / ±15 dB





Power Supply



Voltage (Fuses)







120 V, 60 Hz (T 6.3 A H 250 V)






240 V~, 50 Hz (T 3.15 A H 250 V)






230 V~, 50 Hz (T 3.15 A H 250 V)






100 V~, 50-60Hz (T 6.3 A H 250 V)





Power consumption

max. 600 Watts





Mains connection

Standard IEC receptacle







Dimensions (H x W x D)

28.8 x 18.5 x 16.7"



732 x 470 x 424 mm



57.8 lbs / 26.2 kg










Dimensions (H x W x D)

25.9 x 15.5 x 15.1"



658 x 394 x 384 mm



49 lbs / 22.2 kg




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