B&B Electronics ESR901WB User Manual

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Quick Start Guide

ESR901WB Wireless 802.11b

Serial Server

Model: ESR901WB

1 Configure Web Access

Infrastructure Mode

Configure your network using an access point with the SSID - Connect and all encryption disabled (such as WEP & WPA).

Wireless Card Ad-HocMode

Configure the wireless card to operate in Ad-Hocmode with the SSID -Connect.


Setup the Hardware

Connect your PC to the wireless network


Connect the antenna to the ESR901WB


Connect 10 VDC to 30 VDC to the power supply


terminals of the ESR901WB


Connect the ESR901WB serial port to the serial


port of your serial device. (Use a null cable if the


serial device is a DTE.)



Power it up


Apply power to the ESR901WB


The Link LED (yellow) will blink while looking for the


wireless network. When a connection is established with


the network the Link LED will illuminate steadily. The


ESR901WB will connect to the SSID Connect. If it cannot


find an SSID of connect it will connect to the first


unsecured network it finds.


The ESR901WB will automatically try to obtain an IP


address though DHCP, or generate one itself




Get the IP Address


Use the discovery software on your CD (finder.exe)


to get the IP address for your ESR901WB


If necessary, change the IP address using the


discovery software

Documentation Model Number ESR901WB-2907qsPN6871-rev002

5 Logiinn

In a web browser on your PC, type in the IP address and access the Web Configuration and Management Interface

Login using the username ‘root’ and password ‘dbps’

6 Connffiigguurree tthhee EESSRR990011WWBB

In the Configuration, Network page configure your Wireless LAN, Security and other settings to work on the type of wireless network you will be connecting to.

In the Configuration, Serial Ports page select the Port Profile you require for use with your application (E.g. RealPort for virtual COM port, TCP Server, UDP server, Serial Bridge, etc)

Configure the serial port settings for the selected Port Profile (E.g. In TCP Sockets select client or server, TCP port numbers, etc.) Also configure baud rate, data bits, etc in Basic Serial Settings.

Configure any required alarms and notificationIf RealPort profile was selected (virtual COM

port) do the next step (Set up VCOM)




Start the RealPort software wizard (located on the


included CD)


Select Add a New Device


Select your ESR901WB from the list


Select an unused COM port number


Follow the wizard to set up a virtual COM port

8 Operraattiioonn

Configure and then start your application


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Documentation Model Number ESR901WB-2907qsPN6871-rev002

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