Barco GRAPHICS 500 R9002930 User Manual
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4. Getting started

If the Security mode is enabled, a textbox will be displayed for PIN code entry, see Security setting in the

Installation menu

4.4Lamp runtime


To generalize for the different projector types, x refers here to the maximum run time of the lamp.

Lamp runtime indication while running

Independently of the lamp mode, when the total runtime of an active lamp (lamp1 for example) is (x-30)hours or more, a warning message will be displayed.

Image 4-4

Lamp runtime management

Asingle mode

Bdual mode

x maximum lamp runtime

Image 4-5

warning message in case of an iQ300 projector

This warning message will be repeated at the next start up. Press BACK orMENU to remove the message.

R5976367 BARCOIQ GRAPHICS 500 01/02/2007



4. Getting started

The total lifetime of the lamp for a safe operation is “x” hours max, do not use it longer. Always replace with a same type of lamp. Call a BARCO authorized service technician for lamp replacement.


x ( Max lamp runtime, in hours)















Table 4-3

Maximum runtime for the different BarcoIQ projectors

When the lamp runtime reaches “x” hours the projector switches automatically to the other lamp, being lamp2.. following messages are displayed during and after switching.

Image 4-6

Image 4-7

When lamp2 at its turn reaches x-30hours, a warning message appears on the screen.

Image 4-8

warning message in case of a IQ300 series projector

At the end of the lifetime of lamp2 (x hours) the projector generates an alert message.

Image 4-9

A countdown time of 4 minutes is triggered before the projector is shut down (standby).

If the lamp runtime has not been reset, the alert message will reappear at the next start up (with again 4 minutes countdown time). This alert message can be escaped with MENU orBACK, but the countdown continues.

Contact a qualified Barco technician for lamp replacement.

In Dual mode the lamp end of lifetimes are reached at the same time, however if in dual lamp mode one lamp has been used more than the other (for example if the projector has been working temporarily in single mode), one lamp will reach its end of lifetime sooner than the other lamp, which brings us to the Single mode operation.

WARNING: Using a lamp for more than x hours is dangerous as the lamp could explode.

The lamp runtime reset as well as the lamp replacement can only be done by a Barco authorized technician.

4.5Lamp error

What happens in case of a lamp error ?

When a lamp error occurs in dual mode, a dialogbox is displayed informing the user of the steps to be taken.



R5976367 BARCOIQ GRAPHICS 500 01/02/2007