Barco GRAPHICS 500 R9002930 User Manual
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3. Connections

Which signal can be connected ?

Standard S-Video(S-VHS)with separate Y(luma) and C (chroma) signals.

How to select the S-Videoinput ?

1.Press 4 on the RCU

Note: Another way for selecting this input is via the Menu.

The projector allows the input of more S-Videosignals (up to 3 composite video signals)."S-Video extended configuration", page 28

This note is not valid for the Pro version:

The Audio&Video optional layer(3) allows the use of an additional S-Videoinput (referred to asS-Video4).The selection of this optional input happens the same way as the standard input (key 4)

3.6Digital Visual Interface (DVI) input


Digital Visual Interface is a display interface developed in response to the proliferation of digital flat panel displays.

The digital video connectivity standard that was developed by DDWG (Digital Display Work Group). This connection standard offers two different connectors: one with 24 pins that handles digital video signals only, and one with 29 pins that handles both digital and analog video. This standard uses TMDS (Transition Minimized Differential Signal) from Silicon Image and DDC (Display Data Channel) from VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association).

DVI can be single or dual link.

Input specifications

Single link DVI

Differential input voltage: 200 mV - 800mV

Image 3-8

a DVI-Itype connector, analog link (4 pins at the right side of the connector) not supported

How to select the DVI Input ?

1.Press 5 on the RCU

Note: Another way for selecting this input is via the Menu.



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3. Connections

3.7Computer input

Input specification

TTL sync input : U min = 2.0 V

RGB input = 0.7 Vpp ± 3dB

Image 3-9

What can be connected ?



Composite sync only possible on Green

How to select a computer input ?

1.Press 2 on the RCU

Note: Another way for selecting this input is via the Menu.

3.8Serial Digital Interface (Optional)


Serial Digital Interface

Input specifications

SDI input : BNC

SDI output : BNC (=loop through) typical : 0.8 Vpp

75Ω terminated

output impedance: 75Ω

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3. Connections

Image 3-10

How to select the SDI input

1.Press 7 on the RCU

Note: Another way for selecting this input is viaSource on the local keypad or via the Menu.

The SDI is located on Layer3 which is an optional Layer.

3.9Audio input/Output (Optional)

Input specification

Typical = 200 mV

Max = 4Vpp


Output specification

Vin +20dB /-∞dB

Max = 4 Vpp

Mono/Stereo (selectable in menu)

How to select the audio input ?

1. Use the Audio menu (General menu) to link the desired audio input to the desired signal. (image 3-11)

Image 3-11



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