Barco GRAPHICS 500 R9002930 User Manual
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2. Installation Guidelines

2.4.5Cleaning the lens

To minimize the possibility of damage to optical coatings, or scratches to lens surfaces, we have developed recommendations for cleaning. FIRST, we recommend you try to remove any material from the lens by blowing it off with clean, dry deionized air. DO NOT use any liquid to clean the lenses.

Necessary tools

TorayseeTM cloth (delivered together with the lens kit). Order number : R379058.

How to clean the lens ?

Proceed as follow :

1.Always wipe lenses with a CLEAN TorayseeTM cloth.

2.Always wipe lenses in a single direction.

Warning: Do not wipe back and forwards across the lens surface as this tends to grind dirt into the coating.

3.Do not leave cleaning cloth in either an open room or lab coat pocket, as doing so can contaminate the cloth.

4.If smears occur when cleaning lenses, replace the cloth. Smears are the first indication of a dirty cloth.

CAUTION: Do not use fabric softener when washing the cleaning cloth or softener sheets when drying the cloth.

Do not use liquid cleaners on the cloth as doing so will contaminate the cloth.

Other lenses can also be cleaned safely with this TorayseeTM cloth.



Battery installation

2.5.1Battery installation

How to install the battery

Two batteries are packed together with the RCU. Before using your RCU, install first these batteries.

1.Remove the battery cover on the backside by pushing the handle a little towards the bottom of the RCU.

2.Lift up the top side of the cover at the same time.

3.Insert the batteries as indicated in the RCU.

4.Put the battery cover on its place.

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2. Installation Guidelines



R5976367 BARCOIQ GRAPHICS 500 01/02/2007