Barco GRAPHICS 500 R9002930 User Manual
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4. Getting started

Image 4-10

The message will dissapear after 2 minutes, it can also be escaped.

The projector will switch to single lamp mode and displays an icon (right top corner of the screen) representing a crossed out lamp, that way informing the user of an earlier lamp error.

The icon can always be removed via the Clear lamp error function in theLamp menu.

WARNING: In case of lamp error contact a Barco authorized technician.

4.6Quick set up adjustments


Quick lens Adjustment

Using the RCU

4.6.1Quick lens Adjustment

What can be done ?

For a quick lens set up and image shift, use the RCU dedicated keys or the lens button on the local keypad

Zoom/focus are only available for motorized lenses.

Quick zoom/focus adjustment


2.Use the arrow keys to adjust

Quick shift adjustment


2.Use the arrow keys to adjust

4.6.2Using the RCU

Pointing to a reflective screen

1. Point the front of the RCU to the reflective screen surface. (image 4-11)

R5976367 BARCOIQ GRAPHICS 500 01/02/2007



4. Getting started

Image 4-11

When using the remote control, make sure you are within the effective operating distance.

The operating distance may be up to 15 m (50ft).

The remote control unit will not function properly if strong light strikes the sensor window or if there are obstacles between the remote control and the IR sensor.

How to connect ?

1.Plug one end of the remote cable in the connector on the bottom of the RCU.

2.Plug the other end in the connector in the front panel of the projector labelled RC.(image 4-12)

Image 4-12

Specifications of the RC input

Uin = 9V

Imax = 80 mA

Internal IR receivers can be disabled:

mono jack : on plug in of the jack

stereo jack : on plug in or using an external switch bringing the right channel (B) to ground level.



R5976367 BARCOIQ GRAPHICS 500 01/02/2007