Barco 26-0503000-00 User Manual
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This chapter provides detailed instructions for installing the MatrixPRO 8x8 DVI Router hardware. The following topics are discussed:

Safety Precautions

Unpacking and Inspection

Site Preparation

Rack-Mount Installation

Power Installation

Signal Installation

MatrixPRO • 8x8 DVI Router • User’s Guide




3. Installation

Safety Precautions


For all MatrixPRO 8x8 DVI Router installation procedures, observe the following important safety and handling rules to avoid damage to yourself and the equipment:

To protect users from electric shock, ensure that the power supplies for each unit connect to earth via the ground wire provided in the AC power Cord.

The AC Socket-outletshould be installed near the equipment and be easily accessible.


Before opening the box, inspect it for damage. If you find any damage, notify the shipping carrier immediately for all claims adjustments. As you open the box, compare its contents against the packing slip. If you find any shortages, contact your Barco sales representative.

Once you have removed all the components from their packaging and checked that all the listed components are present, visually inspect each unit to ensure there was no damage during shipping. If there is damage, notify the shipping carrier immediately for all claims adjustments.


The environment in which you install your MatrixPRO 8x8 DVI Router(s) should be clean, properly lit, free from static, and have adequate power, ventilation, and space for all components.



MatrixPRO • 8x8 DVI Router • User’s Guide


3. Installation



MatrixPRO 8x8 DVI Routers are designed to be rack mounted. Please note the following important points:

When rack mounting the unit, remember that maximum ambient operating temperature for the unit is 40 degrees C.

Leave sufficient front and rear space to make sure that the airflow through the fan and vent holes is not restricted.

When installing equipment into a rack, distribute the units evenly to prevent hazardous conditions that may be created by uneven weight distribution.

Connect the unit only to a properly rated supply circuit.

Reliable Grounding (Earthing) of Rack-MountedEquipment should be maintained.

Rack mount the unit from the front rack ears using four rack screws (not supplied). Rack threads may be metric or otherwise — depending upon the rack type.

Install the lower of the two mounting holes first.

MatrixPRO • 8x8 DVI Router • User’s Guide