Barco 26-0503000-00 User Manual
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Default Serial Parameters


The following are the parameter settings for serial communication:

Baud Rate = 115K baud

Parity = NONE Stop Bit= 1 Data Bit= 8 Echo= ON

Flow Control = NONE


These are the default settings, but only the baud rate can be


changed serially, or using the menu. In Chapter 4, refer to the


RS-232 Settings Menu” section onpage 37 for instructions.




The MatrixPRO default IP address is

Please note:

The system returns to this value after a factory reset.

This default address can be changed using the menu system. In Chapter 4, refer to the “IP Address” section onpage 37 for instructions.



MatrixPRO • 8x8 DVI Router • User’s Guide





The MatrixPRO 8x8 DVI Router will respond with a “#” prompt when the command processor is ready for a command. The command syntax is shown below


cmd arg1 arg2 … argn<CR>

Table B-1. RS-232Command Syntax






Any valid graphics board command, typically 2 to 6 alphabetic (non numeric)




argument1, argument2, … argument"N" are required or optional parameters


depending on the command used.


carriage return (ASCII 13) terminates the command

Please note:

A space (ASCII 32) must be inserted between the command and any arguments that follow. A space must also be inserted between all argument parameters, except for the last argument in the chain.

All commands in RS-232mode must be terminated with a carriage return (ASCII 13). The carriage return will tell the command processor to begin execution of the command.

Query commands will return the following:



The “=” indicates that a result from a query command is following. The “result” will follow directly after the “=”. The value of the result will vary depending on the query command used. A new line will be generated and the prompt (#) will indicate the system is ready for a new command.

MatrixPRO • 8x8 DVI Router • User’s Guide