Barco 26-0503000-00 User Manual
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5. GUI Installation and Operation

Using the Setup Tab


The Setup Tab enables you to select the method of MatrixPRO remote control (either RS232 or Ethernet), change the IP address if required, and reset the system.

Figure 5-18. Setup Tab (sample)


If a proper connection to MatrixPRO is establish when you


launch the GUI, no action is required on the Setup Menu.


However, if you need to change the connection, the IP


address or reset the system, use the functions below.



The following functions are provided:

Click RS-232 to change the connection toRS-232.The system will query the ports and attempt to connect serially. If the connection fails, refer to the “Connection Troubleshooting” section onpage 58 for details.

Click Ethernet to change the connection to Ethernet. The system will query the IP connection. If the connection fails, refer to the “Connection Troubleshooting” section onpage 58 for details.

If you need to change the IP address in order to match that of MatrixPRO, click in the IP Address field, enter the correct address, then clickChange IP Address.


The default IP address is



Check the Front Panel Lockout check box to disable MatrixPRO’s front panel.Un-checkthe box tore-enablefront panel control.

Click the Reset MatrixPRO button to perform a “soft” reset in which only the operating system is reset — but all routes and presets remain in effect.

Click the Factory Reset MatrixPRO button to perform a full factory reset. All routes are cancelled and all presets are cleared.

MatrixPRO • 8x8 DVI Router • User’s Guide




5. GUI Installation and Operation

Using the "About" Tab


The About Tab shows the current versions of GUI software and firmware, along with serial activity indicators and the current COM port.

Figure 5-19. About Tab (sample)

Note that the About Tab also provides anRS-232terminal window that can be used to issue commands directly to MatrixPRO.

Important The “terminal” window function is designed for advanced MatrixPRO users only, and it is recommended that you do not use the function. If required, refer toAppendix B, “Remote Control Protocol” onpage 91 for additional instructions.



MatrixPRO • 8x8 DVI Router • User’s Guide




This chapter provides detailed instructions for upgrading system software. The following topics are discussed:

Software Upgrade Overview

Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements

Downloading Software

Serial Upgrade Method

Ethernet Upgrade Method

MatrixPRO • 8x8 DVI Router • User’s Guide




6. Upgrading Software

Software Upgrade Overview


Firmware files for the MatrixPRO 8x8 DVI Router system are loaded into the hardware at power-up.These files are stored in the unit’s onboard flash memory, which can be upgraded using a serial or Ethernet connection to a PC (or laptop).

The desired connection is made through the Serial orEthernet port on the router’s rear panel, in conjunction with the “Flash Loader” utility supplied with each upgrade. The Flash Loader enables you to update the Flash memory with the latest software revision. The utility should be run from a PC’s hard drive (recommended).


The following hardware items are required for upgrading the MatrixPRO software:

IBM compatible computer with an available COM port or Ethernet port.

If you elect to connect serially, a serial cable conforming to EIA RS-232specifications (e.g., standard modem cable) is required. The cable should have aDB-9male connector on one end (for connection to the MatrixPRO’sSerial port), and the appropriate connector on the other end for connection to your PC (typically, aDB-9).


The following list outlines software requirements for upgrading MatrixPRO software:

Ensure that your PC (or laptop) uses the Windows® 2000 or XP operating systems.

Software files:

~Flash File Loader. (This software enables the PC to send commands to MatrixPRO.)

~MatrixPRO 8x8 DVI Router software

~What’s New File


All software files listed above (and more) are contained in the


file that you will download.



Software files can be downloaded from either the Folsom FTP site or the Barco Folsom website, as described in the following “Downloading Software” section onpage 79.



MatrixPRO • 8x8 DVI Router • User’s Guide