Barco 26-0503000-00 User Manual
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4. Operation

Using the Main Menu


From the Setup Menu, select Factory Resetto display the Factory Reset Menu.


<SEL> = Yes

<ESC> = No

Figure 4-9. MatrixPRO Factory Reset Menu

When you perform a factory reset, the following actions occur:

All output channels are blanked, and all routes are cancelled.

The serial communications baud rate returns to 115200.

Vertical interval switching is set to “Disabled.”

The IP address is set to the default value of

The Subnet Mask is reset to the default value of

DHCP is set to Off.

EDID resolution is reprogrammed to the default value of 1400x1050 @59.94.

All “preset” configuration files are cleared.

The test pattern is reset to the default H Ramp type, and the default output resolution of1400x1050 @59.94.

To perform a factory reset:

1.From the Setup Menu, select Factory Reset.

2.On the Factory Reset Menu, select the desired function:

~Press SEL to perform a factory reset. A confirmation message is shown, and the system is rebooted.

~Press ESC to return safely to the previous menu.


From the Setup Menu, select Tech Supportto display the Tech Support Menu:


Version #.##

Ph: +1 866 374-7878

Figure 4-10. MatrixPRO Tech Support Menu

The Tech Support Menu shows the installed version of software, as well as the phone number for factory support. InAppendix C, refer to the “Contact Information” section onpage 102 for additional information.

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