Avaya 4606 User Manual
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Downgrading Avaya IP Telephones

Downgrading Avaya IP Telephones


We strongly recommend that you upgrade DEFINITY to the latest release rather than take the extreme steps in this section. There is no reason currently known to downgrade any Avaya IP Telephone except to install a 4612 or 4624 IP Telephone on a DEFINITY switch with a release prior to R9.5.


Never attempt to downgrade an Avaya 4630 IP Telephone with a release earlier than R1.8.

Create a TFTP server. Provide it with an IP address (IP_tftp) on the same sub-net as the IP telephones you want to downgrade. Then:

1.Install the R1.1 software for DEFINITY Release 9 or R1.0 for DEFINITY Release 8.4 on the TFTP server.

2.Manually assign the IP addresses for each 4612 or 4624, as indicated in Static Addressing Installation on page 39 - including the FileSvr (IP_tftp).

3.Reboot the 4612 or 4624. The telephone downloads and installs the old boot code. This results in the manual addresses of the IP telephones being erased.

4.Manually assign the IP addresses for each 4612 or 4624 including the FileSvr (IP_tftp).

5.Reboot the 4612 or 4624. The telephone will download and install the R1.1 or R1.0 release.

6.Manually assign the IP addresses to each 4612 or 4624. Assign for the FileSvr. This will prevent the telephones from upgrading until you are ready for them to upgrade.

7.REMOVE the old software from the TFTP server. Removing the old software prevents some other Avaya IP Telephone from inappropriately downgrading.

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