Avaya 4606 User Manual
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Chapter 1: Introduction

About This Guide

This guide describes how to install the 4600 Series IP Telephone product line and troubleshoot problems with the telephones.

The 4600 Series IP Telephone product line is a supplement to Avaya’s DEFINITY® / MultiVantage™ IP Solutions platform.


Unless otherwise indicated, references in this document to the DEFINITY® servers also refer to MultiVantage™ media servers.

Avaya SIP Telephone software, such as is in the 4602/4602SW SIP Telephones, is not covered in this guide.

Intended Audience

This document is intended for personnel installing the 4600 Series IP Telephones.


Avaya does not support many of the products mentioned in this document. Take care to ensure that there is adequate technical support available for the servers involved, including, but not necessarily limited to, TFTP and DHCP servers. If the TFTP, DHCP, or other servers are not functioning correctly, the IP telephones might not be able to operate correctly.

Issue 2.2 April 2005 5