Avaya 3606 User Manual

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Avaya™ 3606 Wireless IP Telephone Quick Reference Guide

Accessing the Function Menu

Press FCN followed by a digit(1-4,and* or#) whileoff-hookto access the feature options programmed for your Wireless Telephone template.

When you are on a call, your Wireless Telephone display will show a solid number indicating which line you are currently using. If a second call comes in on another line, a flashing second number will appear to indicate which line is ringing.

The Line appearances administered for your extension are displayed by pressing the LINE key when the Wireless Telephone is off hook. If the> icon is on, additional appearances can be displayed by repeatedly pressing theLINE key. The line is selected by pressing the number key corresponding to the number to the left of the “=” in the menu. The line does not have to be on the current display to be selected.

The Wireless Telephone has two volume levels, low and high. You can set your low volume level by pressing FCN while your Wireless Telephone ison-hook,and selecting a volume1 through8. While you are talking on the Wireless Telephone, pressVOL once to switch your volume level from low to high and vice versa. The Wireless Telephone will reset to the low volume when powered off.

3606 Wireless IP Telephone

On/Off Press and holdPWR. Two chirps on, one chirp off

Make a call PressSTART to get dial tone.

Hang up PressEND. Be sure to do this at the end of each call.

Answer call PressSTART. Line indicator comes on steady when the call is answered.

See User Options at right for additional options that can be configured at the end user level.

Press START, thenFCN to access the Function Menu, which lists the feature options programmed in your Wireless Telephone.

Answer PressHOLD to put your current call on hold, orEND tosecond call hang up. PressLINE + the digit that is flashing.

Headset Press any key (other thanPWR orEND) to answer aanswer call when a headset is plugged in

Hold PressHOLD

Take off Hold PressLINE followed by the digit for the line on hold, which will be flashing.

Function Key


FCN + 1

FCN + 2

FCN + 3

FCN + 4

FCN + 5

FCN + 6

FCN + 7

FCN + 8

FCN + 9

FCN + 0

Fill In Your

Feature Settings


Last Number Dialed




User Options

Silence while ringing

Adjust Volume


Alarm / Restore



Pressing FCN while off hook allows you to scroll through menu screens.

Press FCN while on hook to change handset settings (* shows current, follow display instructions to set): Volumelevel—1(softest) to 8 (loudest)

Ring Type (available types vary) High Noise Mode—select:

Normal (for most office environments) High (for moderate background noise) Severe (for extremely noisy conditions)

Press the END key to silence the ring.

Press VOL while in a call to toggle between base and louder level

Status/Tone Indicators

An alarm sounds when the Wireless Telephone cannot receive or place calls. You may be outside of the coverage area. Walk back into the covered area. A restore tone indicates service is re-established.

Your Battery Pack charge is low. Your Battery Pack needs to be recharged or replaced.

For information on Battery Pack charging, see the Avaya™ 3606 Wireless IP Telephone User Guide.

555-301-705,Issue 1

Part Number 72-0170-19,Revision B

February 2003

MSG You have a voice mail message.