Audiovox ACAM250 User Manual

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2.5” LCD Backup Monitor

Model: ACAM250

Installation/User’s Manual


2.5” TFT color LCD display

Flexible mounting pad with 3M tape monitor mounts on either vehicle windshield or dashboard

Rearview camera input

Automatically displays backup camera image when vehicle is in reverse


This product is intended to assist in safe driving by signaling the driver of obstacles behind the vehicle while the vehicle is in reverse. You, as the driver, are solely responsible for the safe operation of your vehicle and the safety of your passengers according to your local traffic regulations. Do not use any features of this system to the extent it distracts you from safe driving. Your first priority while driving should always be the safe operation of your vehicle. Audiovox Electronics Corporation cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for accidents resulting from failure to observe these precautions or safety instructions.

1.This product utilizes high voltage. Any unauthorized modifications or damage to the product may result in electrical shock. Handle all components with care. Inspect regularly for damage to components and cabling.

2.You are responsible for ensuring that the installation of this product does not void or affect the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty. Audiovox Electronics Corporation or its subsidiaries are not liable in full or in part for improper installation resulting in loss or damage to your property, or for voiding all or part of the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty.

3.Do not apply excessive force to any of the components contained within this kit. Excessive force used before, during or after installation that results in a damaged or non-functionalpart will void all warranties.

4.Please follow the procedures in this installation manual. Improper installation or modification of this product will void all warranties.

Warning: Backing up vehicle

Do not back up vehicle while watching the mirror/monitor screen. Always look in the direction of vehicle motion. Use the mirror/monitor as an aid in safety confirmation. The actual distance is shorter than it appears in the monitor. The image range is limited. Beware of blind spots.





Product description


Packing list


Installation Instructions








Warranty card


Product Description

This Rearview Mirror/Monitor, when used with a backup camera, is designed to assist the driver by providing a clear and wide image of the area behind the vehicle whenever the vehicle is shifted into reverse. Never rely solely on this product to ensure the area is clear of children and/or obstructions. Use your monitor and look both ways. This is not intended to replace existing safety procedures, but to add an additional safety tool for your vehicle.


Packing List



2.5” Monitor


Power Cable

Tap Connectors

Alcohol Wipe


Installation Instructions

Mounting the Monitor

The monitor with flexible mounting pad and 3M tape mounts on either the vehicle windshield or dashboard.

1.Choose a monitor location in your vehicle that does not block your view for safe driving.

2.Clean the monitor mounting area with the alcohol wipe provided.

3.Remove the protective film from the 3M flexible adhesive mounting pad

on the bottom of the monitor and carefully press into place.

Note: Once pressed into place, the pad cannot be easily moved. Be sure of the position before mounting.

4.Connect the power cable to the Monitor cable.

5.Place (hide) the monitor cable behind the windshield trim piece and continue along under the head liner to the rear of the vehicle and into the truck, if applicable.


Wiring the Monitor

1.Wire the Power Cable to the vehicle’s reverse lamp.

a)Locate the reverse lamp in the tail light assembly. Using the tap connector supplied, perform the following steps:

i.Place the un-strippedpositive lead wire on the run channel.

ii.Insert the un-strippedred power wire completely.

iii.Fold the tap connector back over the wires and make the connection by crimping the u-contactdown flush with the plastic insulator.

iv.Close the top hinged cover until latched.

b)Attach the black wire to the ground.

i.Place the un-strippedground lead wire on the run channel.

ii.Insert the un-strippedblack ground wire completely.

iii.Fold the tap connector back over the wires and make the connection by crimping the u-contactdown flush with the plastic insulator.

iv.Close the top hinged cover until latched.

c)Connect the RCA video connector from the existing camera to the monitor cable.

d)Connect the power supply plug from the existing camera to the monitor power DC plug (if your camera has a power plug).

Tap Connection



The monitor will automatically display the rear observation camera image whenever the vehicle is engaged in reverse.


Though your Monitor requires little care, you can still maintain its condition and performance following the procedures below.

Keep your system away from excessive moisture, extreme heat or cold and magnetic fields.

Keep liquids away from the display monitor.

To avoid damage, do not place auxiliary devices or other objects on the top of the monitor.

Occasionally clean the surface of the monitor with soft cloth moistened with water or window cleaner.











ON/OFF signal light

Ensure that the parallel red and black line from

<D> is not on after the car

the control box is connected properly.

is started








video signal appears


Verify that the LCD Contrast

while reversing the car


(Brightness) control knob is not set too









Check the rearview Camera lens.




Check the rearview Camera wiring and








Confirm that the cable from the monitor




is connected properly.



Video image is not sharp

Clean the camera lens.






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