Atlantis Land HostPower 3001 User Manual

1.23 Mb



Line Interactive



Microprocessor Based Design a tecnologia line-interactivecon forma d’onda sinusoidale

Ampia finestra di tensione senza utilizzo delle batterie ±23%

Batterie “hot swap” facilmente sostituibili

Dimensioni compatte e chassis metallico

LCD display multi-funzionecon tutti i parametri elettrici

Software di spegnimento controllato del sistema e di PowerManagement UPS incluso


Line Interactive UPS

Server UPS S3000. Potenza 3000 VA (1800W). Tecnologia Line Interactive ad onda sinusoidale con stabilizzazione di tensione. Filtri di protezione di linea telefonica o LAN . Batterie tipo“long-life”.Autonomia 15 minuti al 50% del carico . Batterie “HotSwap” sostituibili dall’utente. Display LCD con stati di funzionalità e parametri elettrici. Software di shutdown automatico e diagnostica del server per Windows 95/98/2000 Linux e UNIX..

Specifiche Tecniche


3000VA / 1800W


Voltage Single Phase; 220/230/240V selectable by DIP Switch (±25% )

HZ 50Hz/60Hz ±5%


Voltage(AC) Increase 15% (Input:-9%to-25%);Decrease 15% (Input:+9% to +25%)

Voltage(INV) Inverter mode:±3%

Waveform(INV) Pure Sine-Wavewith THD 3% at linear load

Hz(INV) Inverter mode: 50Hz or 60Hz ± 0.1Hz


Line/Battery Nearly Zero Transfer (<6ms typi-



Half-loadruntime 9 min

Capacity 12V/9Ah

Quantity 4

Recharge Time 2-4Hours to 90%

Type Sealed Maintenance Free Lead Acid VRLA



Over/under Volt. Switch to Battery Output whrn the Utility over regulation range

Overload(AC/INV) >110% Buzzer continuosly alarms and shuts down after 10 minutes

Short Circuit(AC/INV) Input Fuse & Electronic Circuit / Electronic Circuit

Low Battery Two stages, no battery drain after cut-off

EMI/RFI Full time suppression

Surge Protection Meet with IEEE 587 cat. A&B Standard

Modem/Network RJ11 / RJ45

Energy Rating 960 Joules instantaneous response

Attenuation Better than 45dB @1Mhz for Normal/Common mode

Noise Filtering EN50991-1


Output 4*IEC(Battery Power Supply) + 1*Schuko

Computer RS232(DB9) and USB

Display And Diagnostics

With LCD and LED Display

LCD Display

Status: Normal, AC Input High, AC Input Low, On Battery, Battery Low, Battery Bad, Overload, Fault, Phase error, Ground Fault

Data: Utility Voltage, Ouput Voltage, Output Hz, Load%, UPS Temperature, Battery Voltage,

Runtime Timer

LED Display

Green=Normal, Amber=Warning, Red=Critical

LCD shows detalis in respect to the lighting indication of LED

Beeping Alarm

Overload, Fault, High Temperature, Battery On, Battery Low, Battery Bad, Over/Under Voltage,

Frequency Error

Advanced Mode

Self-diagnostic;DirectTime-basedreadout of battery remained runtime

Communication Port

USB/DB9 port with TRUE RS232 serial signal plus dry contact signals

Environmental Condition

0-40°C;0-95%Non Condensing Humidity

Safety Approval


Dimension (W*H*D cm)


Weight (N.W/ G.W) Kg


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