ASRock A780FULLHD-2208 Installation Guide

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This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

(1)this device may not cause harmful interference, and

(2)this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.


The Lithium battery adopted on this motherboard contains Perchlorate, a toxic substance controlled in Perchlorate Best Management Practices (BMP) regulations passed by the California Legislature. When you discard the Lithium battery in California, USA, please follow the related regulations in advance.

“Perchlorate Material-specialhandling may apply,

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Published July 2008

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ASRock A780FullHD Motherboard

Motherboard Layout




PS2_USB_PW1 Jumper


Primary SATAII Connector (SATAII_1(PORT0))


ATX 12V Power Connector (ATX12V1)


System Panel Header (PANEL1)


ATX Power Connector (ATXPWR1)


Chassis Speaker Header (SPEAKER 1)


CPU Fan Connector (CPU_FAN1)


Chassis Fan Connector (CHA_FAN1)


Northbridge Controller


USB 2.0 Header (USB6_7, Blue)


AM2 940-PinCPU Socket


Southbridge Controller


CPU Heatsink Retention Module


USB 2.0 Header (USB8_9, Blue)


2 x 240-pinDDR2 DIMM Slots


Clear CMOS Jumper (CLRCMOS1)


(Dual Channel A: DDRII_1, DDRII_2; Yellow)


Floppy Connector (FLOPPY1)


2 x 240-pinDDR2 DIMM Slots


Front Panel Audio Header (HD_AUDIO1)


(Dual Channel B: DDRII_3, DDRII_4; Orange)


Internal Audio Connector: CD1 (Black)


Primary IDE Connector (IDE1, Blue)


Infrared Module Header (IR1)


Fifth SATAII Connector (SATAII_5 (PORT4))


PCI Slots (PCI1- 2)


SPI Flash Memory (8Mb)


PCI Express 2.0 x1 Slot (PCIE2; Green)


Sixth SATAII Connector (SATAII_6 (PORT5))


PCI Express 2.0 x16 Slot (PCIE1; Green)


Third SATAII Connector (SATAII_3 (PORT2))


Serial Port Connector (COM1)

15Fourth SATAII Connector (SATAII_4 (PORT3))

16Secondary SATAII Connector (SATAII_2 (PORT1))

ASRock A780FullHD Motherboard

ASRock DVI I/O Plus


PS/2 Mouse Port (Green)7

* 7

Microphone (Pink)




USB 2.0

Ports (USB45)

* 3



USB 2.0

Ports (USB01)




USB 2.0

Ports (USB23)


Line In (Light Blue)


PS/2 Keyboard Port (Purple)

6Front Speaker (Lime)

*To enable Multi-Streamingfunction, you need to connect a front panel audio cable to the front panel audio header. Please refer to below steps for the software setting ofMulti-Streaming.

For Windows® XP:

After restarting your computer, you will find “Mixer” tool on your system. Please select “Mixer


, click “Enable playback multi-streaming”,and click “ok”. Choose “2CH” or

“4CH” and then you are allowed to select “Realtek HDA Primary output” to use Rear Speaker and Front Speaker, or select “Realtek HDA Audio 2nd output” to use front panel audio. Then reboot your system.

For Windows® VistaTM:

After restarting your computer, please double-click“Realtek HD Audio Manager” on the system tray. Set “Speaker Configuration” to “Quadraphonic” or “Stereo”. Click “Device advanced settings”, choose “Make front and rear output devices playbacks two different audio streams simultaneously”, and click “ok”. Then reboot your system.



ASRock A780FullHD Motherboard

1. Introduction

Thank you for purchasing ASRock A780FullHD motherboard, a reliable motherboard produced under ASRock’s consistently stringent quality control. It delivers excellent performance with robust design conforming to ASRock’s commitment to quality and endurance.

In this manual, chapter 1 and 2 contain introduction of the motherboard and step-by-stepguide to the hardware installation. Chapter 3 and 4 contain the configuration guide to BIOS setup and information of the Support CD.

Because the motherboard specifications and the BIOS software might be updated, the content of this manual will be subject to change without notice. In case any modifications of this manual occur, the updated version will be available on ASRock website without further notice. You may find the latest VGA cards and CPU support lists on ASRock website as well. ASRock website

If you require technical support related to this motherboard, please visit our website for specific information about the model you are using.

1.1Package Contents

1 x ASRock A780FullHD Motherboard

(Micro ATX Form Factor: 9.6-inx9.6-in,24.4 cm x 24.4 cm) 1 x ASRockA780FullHD Quick Installation Guide

2 x ASRock A780FullHD Support CD

1 x Ultra ATA 66/100/133 IDE Ribbon Cable (80-conductor)1 x3.5-inFloppy Drive Ribbon Cable

1 x Serial ATA (SATA) Data Cable (Optional)

1 x Serial ATA (SATA) HDD Power Cable (Optional)

1 x “ASRock DVI I/O Plus” I/O Shield



ASRock A780FullHD Motherboard



- Micro ATX Form Factor: 9.6-inx9.6-in,24.4 cm x 24.4 cm




- Solid Capacitor for CPU power




- Support for Socket AM2+ / AM2 processors: AMD PhenomTM




FX / Phenom / Athlon 64 FX / Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core /Athlon




X2 Dual-Core /Athlon 64 / Sempron processor




- Supports CPU up to 140W








- Supports AMD’s Cool ‘n’ QuietTM Technology




- FSB 2600 MHz (5.2 GT/s)




- Supports Untied Overclocking Technology (see CAUTION 1)




- Supports Hyper-Transport3.0 (HT 3.0) Technology




- Northbridge: AMD 780G




- Southbridge: AMD SB700




- Dual Channel DDR2 Memory Technology (see CAUTION 2)




- 4 x DDR2 DIMM slots




- Support DDR2 1066/800/667/533 non-ECC,un-buffered




memory (see CAUTION 3)




- Max. capacity of system memory: 16GB (see CAUTION 4)



Expansion Slot

- 1 x PCI Express 2.0 x16 slot (green @ x16 mode)




- 1 x PCI Express 2.0 x1 slot




- 2 x PCI slots




- Supports ATITM Hybrid CrossFireXTM




- Integrated AMD RV610 graphics




- DX10 class iGPU, Pixel Shader 4.0




- Max. shared memory 512MB (see CAUTION 5)




- Dual VGA Output: support DVI-DandD-Subports by




independent display controllers




- Supports HDCP function with DVI-Dport




- Supports Full HD 1080p Blu-ray(BD) /HD-DVDplayback




(see CAUTION 6)








- 5.1 CH Windows® VistaTM Premium Level HD Audio






(ALC662 Audio Codec)







- PCIE x1 Gigabit LAN 10/100/1000 Mb/s





- Realtek RTL8111C




- Supports Wake-On-LAN







Rear Panel I/O

ASRock DVI I/O Plus






- 1 x PS/2 Mouse Port




- 1 x PS/2 Keyboard Port




- 1 x VGA/D-SubPort




- 1 x VGA/DVI-DPort








ASRock A780FullHD Motherboard




- 6 x Ready-to-UseUSB 2.0 Ports


- 1 x RJ-45Port


- HD Audio Jack: Line in/Front Speaker/Microphone




- 6 x Serial ATAII 3.0Gb/s connectors, support RAID (RAID 0,


RAID 1, RAID 10 and JBOD), NCQ, AHCI and “Hot Plug”


functions (see CAUTION 7)


- 1 x ATA133 IDE connector (supports 2 x IDE devices)


- 1 x Floppy connector


- 1 x IR header


- 1 x COM port header


- CPU/Chassis FAN connector


- 24 pin ATX power connector


- 4 pin 12V power connector


- CD in header


- Front panel audio connector


- 2 x USB 2.0 headers (support 4 USB 2.0 ports)


(see CAUTION 8)



BIOS Feature



- AMI Legal BIOS


- Supports “Plug and Play”


- ACPI 1.1 Compliance Wake Up Events


- Supports jumperfree


- SMBIOS 2.3.1 Support


- CPU, DRAM, NB Voltage Multi-adjustment


- Supports Smart BIOS



Support CD

- Drivers, Utilities, AntiVirus Software (Trial Version)

Unique Feature

- ASRock OC Tuner (see CAUTION 9)


- Intelligent Energy Saver (see CAUTION 10)


- Hybrid Booster:


- CPU Frequency Stepless Control (see CAUTION 11)


- ASRock U-COP(seeCAUTION 12)


- Boot Failure Guard (B.F.G.)


- ASRock AM2 Boost: ASRock Patented Technology to boost


memory performance up to 12.5% (see CAUTION 13)




- CPU Temperature Sensing


- Chassis Temperature Sensing


- CPU Fan Tachometer


- Chassis Fan Tachometer


- CPU Quiet Fan


- Voltage Monitoring: +12V, +5V, +3.3V, Vcore

ASRock A780FullHD Motherboard


- Microsoft® Windows® XP / XP Media Center / XP64-bit /


VistaTM / VistaTM 64-bitcompliant


- FCC, CE, Microsoft® WHQL Certificated

* For detailed product information, please visit our website:


Please realize that there is a certain risk involved with overclocking, including adjusting the setting in the BIOS, applying Untied Overclocking Technology, or using the thirdparty overclocking tools. Overclocking may affect your system stability, or even cause damage to the components and devices of your system. It should be done at your own risk and expense. We are not responsible for possible damage caused by overclocking.


1.This motherboard supports Untied Overclocking Technology. Please read “Untied Overclocking Technology” on page 30 for details.

2.This motherboard supports Dual Channel Memory Technology. Before you implement Dual Channel Memory Technology, make sure to read the installation guide of memory modules on page 14 for proper installation.

3.Whether 1066MHz memory speed is supported depends on the AM2+ CPU you adopt. If you want to adopt DDR2 1066 memory module on this motherboard, please refer to the memory support list on our website for the compatible memory modules.

ASRock website

4.Due to the operating system limitation, the actual memory size may be less than 4GB for the reservation for system usage under Windows® XP and Windows® VistaTM. For Windows® XP64-bitand Windows® VistaTM 64bit with64-bitCPU, there is no such limitation.

5.The maximum shared memory size is defined by the chipset vendor and is subject to change. Please check AMD website for the latest information.

6.1080p Blu-ray(BD) /HD-DVDplayback support on this motherboard requires the proper hardware configuration. Please refer to page10 and 11 for the minimum hardware requirement and the passed 1080pBlu-ray(BD) /HD-DVDfilms in our lab test.

7.Before installing SATAII hard disk to SATAII connector, please read the “SATAII Hard Disk Setup Guide” on page 30 of “User Manual” in the support CD to adjust your SATAII hard disk drive to SATAII mode. You can also connect SATA hard disk to SATAII connector directly.

8.Power Management for USB 2.0 works fine under Microsoft® Windows® VistaTM 64-bit /VistaTM / XP64-bit /XP SP1 or SP2.

9.It is a user-friendlyASRock overclocking tool which allows you to surveil your system by hardware monitor function and overclock your hardware devices to get the best system performance under Windows® environment. Please visit our website for the operation procedures of ASRock OC Tuner. ASRock website:



ASRock A780FullHD Motherboard

10.Featuring an advanced proprietary hardware and software design, Intelligent Energy Saver is a revolutionary technology that delivers unparalleled power savings. The voltage regulator can reduce the number of output phases to improve efficiency when the CPU cores are idle. In other words, it is able to provide exceptional power saving and improve power efficiency without sacrificing computing performance. To use Intelligent Energy Saver function, please enable Cool ‘n’ Quiet option in the BIOS setup in advance. Please visit our website for the operation procedures of Intelligent Energy Saver.

ASRock website:

11.Although this motherboard offers stepless control, it is not recommended to perform over-clocking.Frequencies other than the recommended CPU bus frequencies may cause the instability of the system or damage the CPU.

12.While CPU overheat is detected, the system will automatically shutdown. Before you resume the system, please check if the CPU fan on the motherboard functions properly and unplug the power cord, then plug it back again. To improve heat dissipation, remember to spray thermal grease between the CPU and the heatsink when you install the PC system.

13.This motherboard supports ASRock AM2 Boost overclocking technology. If you enable this function in the BIOS setup, the memory performance will improve up to 12.5%, but the effect still depends on the AM2 CPU you adopt. Enabling this function will overclock the chipset/CPU reference clock. However, we can not guarantee the system stability for all CPU/DRAM configurations. If your system is unstable after AM2 Boost function is enabled, it may not be applicative to your system. You may choose to disable this function for keeping the stability of your system.



ASRock A780FullHD Motherboard

1.3Minimum Hardware Requirement Table for Windows®

VistaTM Premium 2008 and Basic Logo

For system integrators and users who purchase this motherboard and plan to submit Windows® VistaTM Premium 2008 and Basic logo, please follow below table for minimum hardware requirements.


Sempron 2800+


512MB x 2 Dual Channel (Premium)


512MB Single Channel (Basic)


256MB x 2 Dual Channel (Basic)


DX10 with WDDM Driver



* If you use onboard VGA with total system memory size 512MB and plan to

submit Windows® VistaTM Basic logo, please adjust the shared memory size of onboard VGA to 64MB. If you use onboard VGA with total system memory size above 512MB and plan to submit Windows® VistaTM Premium or Basic logo, please adjust the shared memory size of onboard VGA to 128MB or above.

*If you plan to use external graphics card on this motherboard, please refer to Premium Discrete requirement at

*If the onboard VGA supports DVI, it must also support HDCP function to qualify for Windows® VistaTM Premium 2008 logo.

*After June 1, 2008, all Windows® VistaTM systems are required to meet above minimum hardware requirements in order to qualify for Windows® VistaTM Premium 2008 logo.



ASRock A780FullHD Motherboard

1.4Minimum Hardware Requirement for 1080p Blu-ray

(BD) / HD-DVDPlayback Support

1080p Blu-ray(BD) /HD-DVDplayback support on this motherboard requires the proper hardware configuration. Please refer to below table for the minimum hardware requirement.


AMD Athlon X2 3600


Onboard VGA with DVI-Dport


Dual Channel DDR2 533, 1GB x 2

Suggested OS

Windows® VistaTM or Windows® VistaTM 64

*If you need to use CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra version 7.3, we suggest to disable Hardware Acceleration function for better playback performance and compatibility. After executing CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra program, please follow below steps to disable Hardware Acceleration function.

A.Right-clickthe main page of CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra program.

B.Click “Configuration”.

C.Select “Video”.

D.Click “Enable hardware acceleration (ATI Avivo)” to remove the “V” mark in this item.

E.Click “OK” to save the change.

*Currently, 1080p Blu-ray(BD) /HD-DVDplayback is only supported under Windows® VistaTM / VistaTM 64-bitOS. If you install Windows® XP / XP64-bitOS, the function of 1080pBlu-ray(BD) /HD-DVDplayback is not available, please visit our website for AMD 780G VGA driver update in the future.

ASRock website


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ASRock A780FullHD Motherboard