Ariens 946150 ST622 CARB User Manual
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String Trimmer

Owner/Operator Manual


946150 – ST622 CARB


01284000 11/07


Printed in USA


Safety . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. 5

Troubleshooting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Assembly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Storage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Controls and Features . . . . . . . . . . . .


Service Parts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Operation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Specifications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Maintenance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Warranty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Service and Adjustments . . . . . . . . . .






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Before operation of unit, carefully and completely read your manuals. The contents will provide you with an understanding of safety instructions and controls during normal operation and maintenance.

All reference to left, right, front, or rear are given from operator standing in operation position and facing the direction of forward travel.


When ordering replacement parts or making service inquiries, know the Model and Serial numbers of your unit and engine.

Numbers are located on the product registration form in the unit literature package. They are printed on a serial number label, located on the frame of your unit.


Number OX0240


Record Unit Model and Serial numbers here.

Record Engine Model and Serial numbers here.

GB - 4

© Copyright 2007 Ariens Company



The Ariens dealer must register the product at the time of purchase. Registering the product will help the company process warranty claims or contact you with the latest service information. All claims meeting requirements during the limited warranty period will be honored, whether or not the product registration card is returned. Keep a proof of purchase if you do not register your unit.

Customer Note: If the Dealer does not register your product, please fill out, sign and return the product registration card to Ariens or go to on the internet.


Use only Ariens replacement parts. Replacing any part on this vehicle with anything other than an Ariens authorized replacement part may adversely affect the performance, durability, or safety of this unit and may void the warranty. Ariens disclaims liability for any claims or damages, whether warranty, property damage, personal injury or death arising out of the use of unauthorized replacement parts. To locate your nearest Ariens Dealer, go to on the internet.


Customer Note: If you have purchased this product without complete assembly and instruction by your retailer, it is your responsibility to:

Read and understand all assembly instructions in this manual. If you do not understand or have difficulty following the instructions, contact your nearest Ariens Dealer for assistance. To locate your nearest Ariens Dealer, go to on the internet.

WARNING: Improper assembly or adjustments can cause serious injury.

Do not operate the unit unless all controls function as described in this manual.

Before attempting to operate your unit:

1.Make sure all assembly has been properly completed.

2.Understand all Safety Precautions provided in the manuals.

3.Review control functions and operation of the unit.

4.Review recommended lubrications, maintenance and adjustments.

5.Review Limited Warranty Policy.

6.Fill out Original Purchaser Registration Card and return the card to Ariens Company or go to


Ariens reserves the right to discontinue, change, and improve its products at any time without notice or obligation to the purchaser.

The descriptions and specifications contained in this manual were in effect at printing. Equipment described within this manual may be optional. Some illustrations may not be applicable to your unit.



Look for these symbols to point out important safety precautions. They mean:


Personal Safety Is Involved!

Become Alert!

Obey The Message!

The safety alert symbols above and signal words below are used on decals and in this manual.

Read and understand all safety messages.

DANGER: IMMINENTLY HAZARDOUS SITUATION! If not avoided, WILL RESULT in death or serious injury.

WARNING: POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS SITUATION! If not avoided, COULD RESULT in death or serious injury.

GB - 5

CAUTION: POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS SITUATION! If not avoided, MAY RESULT in minor or moderate injury. It may also be used to alert against unsafe practices.


NOTE: General reference information for proper operation and maintenance practices.

IMPORTANT: Specific procedures or information required to prevent damage to unit or attachment.


Practice usual and customary safe working precautions, for the benefit of yourself and others. Understand and follow all safety messages. Be alert to unsafe conditions and the possibility of minor, moderate, or serious injury or death. Learn applicable rules and laws in your area.


If unit is to be used by someone other than original purchaser; loaned, rented or sold, ALWAYS provide this manual and any needed safety training before operation.



ALWAYS replace missing or damaged Safety Decals. Refer to figure below for Safety Decal locations.




Read the Operator’s Manual.


Always wear protective glasses, goggles or a face


Always wear adequateOL4740 hearing protection.

Do not operate when children or others are around.


Remove objects that could be thrown by the cutter line.


Keep body parts away from rotating cutter line.


Go across slopes, not up and down.


Keep safety devices (guards, shields, switches, etc.) in place and working.

Look down and behind before and while moving backwards.

Do not let debris accumulate. Debris could become a fire hazard or cause engine to overheat.


If unit is to be used by someone other than original purchaser; loaned, rented or sold, ALWAYS provide this manual and any needed safety training before operation.

Read, understand and follow all safety practices in Owner/Operator Manual before beginning assembly. Failure to follow instructions could result in personal injury and/ or damage to unit.

GB - 6

ALWAYS disconnect wire from spark plug before assembly. Unintentional engine start up can cause death or serious injury.

Complete a walk around inspection of unit and work area to understand:

work area

your unit

all safety decals.

Clear work area of stones, sticks, wire and foreign objects which might be picked up and thrown. Tall grass can hide obstacles.

Know the work area. Stay alert for holes, rocks, rough terrain and hidden hazards.

Keep away from drop-offs,ditches, or embankments that could cause operator to lose footing or control of unit.

ALWAYS be aware of traffic when operating along streets or curbs.

Keep work area clear of all persons, children and pets.

Keep children out of the work area and under the watchful care of a responsible adult.

ALWAYS operate unit when there is good visibility and light.

Do not operate trimmer in wet grass.

ALWAYS be sure of your footing. Keep a firm hold on handlebar. Walk, NEVER run.

Whenever operator releases control on handlebar, trimmer head must stop. Check this feature frequently. If feature fails to operate, disconnect spark plug wire and adjust or have it repaired before using unit.

Only trained adults may operate unit. Training includes actual operation.

NEVER operate after or during the use of medication, drugs or alcohol. Unit requires complete and unimpaired attention.

NEVER allow children to operate trimmer.

ALWAYS keep hands and feet away from rotating parts. Rotating parts can cut off body parts.

ALWAYS keep hands away from pinch points.

Fumes from engine exhaust can cause death or serious injury. DO NOT run engine in an enclosed area.

ALWAYS protect eyes, face, and body with adequate safety gear and protective clothes. Wear sturdy footwear, gloves and safety goggles or safety glasses with side shields while operating mower.

NEVER operate trimmer barefoot or when wearing open sandals or canvas shoes.

NEVER wear loose clothes, long hair or jewelry that may get caught in rotating parts.

Protect eyes, face and head from objects that may be thrown from unit.

ALWAYS stand clear of discharge when operating unit.

NEVER direct discharge toward bystanders. Operator is responsible for bystander safety. DO NOT touch hot parts. Allow parts to cool.

Keep safety devices or guards in place and functioning properly. NEVER modify or remove safety devices.

Read, understand, and follow all instructions in the manual and on the machine before starting. Understand:

How to operate all controls

The functions of all controls

How to STOP in an emergency.

DO NOT attempt to start your engine until you know what the controls do and how they work.

DO NOT tilt trimmer when starting it. Keep feet away when starting engine.

DO NOT operate trimmer unless trimmer shield and trailing shield are installed. Objects may be picked up and thrown causing damage or personal injury.

NEVER use wire or wire-ropein place of the cutting line. It can break off and become a dangerous projectile. Use only flexible, nonmetallic line recommended by Ariens.

ALWAYS keep trimmer head in contact with the ground while operating.

Take all possible precautions when leaving unit unattended.

ALWAYS shut off engine and disconnect spark plug wire to prevent accidental starting or unauthorized use.

Stop engine if anyone enters the work area.

NEVER attempt to make any adjustments to unit while engine is running (except where specifically recommended). Stop engine, disconnect spark plug wire and wait for all moving parts to stop before servicing.

DO NOT make cutting height adjustments while the engine is running.

If you strike an object, or if equipment vibrates abnormally, stop engine at once, wait for moving parts to stop and disconnect wire from spark plug. Repair any damage before restarting unit.

ALWAYS shut off engine, allow trimmer head to stop and disconnect spark plug wire before clearing clogs or cleaning unit.

DO NOT transport machine while engine is running.

GB - 7

To reduce fire hazard and overheating, keep equipment free of grass, leaves, debris or excessive lubricants.

Use extra care when approaching blind corners, shrubs, trees, or other objects which may obscure vision.

DO NOT trim at too fast a rate. DO NOT change engine governor setting or over-speedthe engine.

Do not operate trimmer on gravel or on loose material such as sand. Stop trimmer when crossing gravel drives, walks, or roads to prevent damage or injury from thrown objects.

DO NOT pull trimmer backwards unless absolutely necessary. Look down and back, especially for small children, before and while moving backwards.

DO NOT operate on steep slopes.

NEVER leave unit unattended on a slope. Chock wheels if parking on a slope.

Trim across the face of slopes, never up and down. Be especially cautious when changing direction on slopes.

This product is equipped with an internal combustion engine. DO NOT use on or near any unimproved, forest or brush covered land unless the exhaust system is equipped with a spark arrestor meeting applicable local, state or federal laws. A spark arrestor, if used, must be maintained in effective working order by the operator. See your Ariens Dealer or engine manufacturer’s service center.

Emission Control System Certification Label

NOTE: Tampering with emission controls and components by unauthorized personnel may result in severe fines or penalties. Emission controls and components can only be adjusted by EPA and/or CARB authorized service centers. Contact your Ariens Equipment Retailer concerning emission controls and component questions.

Fuel is highly flammable and its vapors can explode. ONLY use approved fuel containers.

NO Smoking!

NO Sparks!

NO Flames!

Allow engine to cool before filling fuel tank.

Never fill containers inside a vehicle or on a truck or trailer bed with a plastic liner. Always place containers on the ground away from your vehicle before filling.

When practical, remove gas-poweredequipment from the truck or trailer and refuel it on the ground. If this is not possible, then refuel such equipment on a trailer with a portable container, rather than from a gasoline dispenser nozzle.

Keep the nozzle in contact with the rim of the fuel tank or container opening at all times until fueling is complete. Do not use a nozzle lockopen device.

Check fuel supply before starting engine.

DO NOT fill gasoline tank indoors, when engine is running, or while engine is hot.

Allow engine to cool several minutes before removing fuel cap.

DO NOT overfill. Allow about 1/4" (6 mm) of tank space for fuel expansion.

Replace gasoline tank cap securely and clean any spilled fuel before starting engine.

If fuel is spilled on clothing, change clothing immediately.

NEVER store fuel inside where there is an open flame, such as a water heater.

ALWAYS drain fuel outdoors away from ignition sources.

Avoid Electric Shock. DO NOT disconnect wire from spark plug while engine is running. Accidental engine start up can cause death or serious injury. Except where specifically recommended, ALWAYS stop engine, wait for moving parts to stop, allow parts to cool and disconnect spark plug wire before inspecting, servicing, adjusting or repairing unit.

Keep unit free of grass, leaves, or other debris build-up.

Keep equipment in good condition. Maintain or replace safety and instruction labels, as necessary.

Follow engine manufacturer’s safety instructions when servicing engine. Check all hardware at regular intervals, especially trimmer head attachment bolts. Keep all hardware properly tightened. Before tipping unit, remove fuel.

DO NOT tip the trimmer up or over unless specifically instructed to do so.

Ensure all wheel blocks, jack stands and tie downs will support unit during maintenance. Replace worn-outmufflers immediately.

Continued use could result in fire or explosion. Sharp edges can cut or amputate fingers or a hand. Wrap blade or wear sturdy gloves to service.

Use only replacement parts designed for your unit. See your Ariens Dealer.

Allow engine to cool before storing in any enclosure.

ALWAYS clean unit before extended storage. See engine manual for proper storage.

DO NOT store unit inside a building with fuel in the fuel tank where any ignition sources are present.

Use only accessories which have been approved by Ariens and are properly installed. Check attachments frequently and replace worn or damaged components with manufacturer’s recommended parts.

GB - 8