Aprilia TUONO 1000 User Manual 2006
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The instructions given below cover normal operation of your vehicle and must be carefully observed. By following these rules you will enhance your own safety and the safety of those around you. You will also maximize the life and utility of your vehicle.

Two-wheeledvehicles obviously do not provide some of the protection provided by automobiles, therefore it is essential that you wear appropriate protective clothing. In particular, never operate your vehicle without wearing your helmet, gloves, eye protection, a heavy jacket, sturdy footwear, and sturdy full length pants.

However, do not assume that even the best clothing and helmet will protect you in the event of an upset or a crash with another vehicle. At best, this gear provides some protection from scrapes and scratches, but very little, if any, impact protection.

Be sure that you meet all the requirements prescribed by local law, including driver’s license, minimum age, training, insurance, taxes, vehicle registration, license plate, etc.

When you first receive your vehicle, practice by riding in areas where there is little traffic. Do not attempt to ride in heavy traffic until you are thoroughly experienced and riding your vehicle has become second nature to you.

Although this vehicle is legal for use on freeways and expressways, it is advisable to not ride on these high-speedhighways until you are thoroughly familiar with your vehicle, and have attained a high degree of skill in its operation.

A new vehicle must be carefully broken in, see page 74 (RUNNING-IN).

Before starting the engine, make sure that the brakes, clutch, transmission and throttle controls function properly and that the fuel and oil supply is adequate.

The exhaust system, brakes, and some other parts of the vehicle become very hot during operation. Do not touch any of these parts.

Some medicines or drugs, whether illegal or prescription, and alcohol significantly increase the risk of accidents. Do not ride while you are under the influence of alco hol or d rugs, b e the y ill icit o r prescription.

Make sure you are in good physical condition and not ill before riding your vehicle. Do not ride your vehicle when you are particularly tired or fatigued. Alcohol, drugs and fatigue are leading causes of vehicle accidents.

Many accidents are caused by the rider’s inexperience and lack of training. Do not ride your vehicle until you have received training from a recognized training organization such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Remember that riding a twowheeled vehicle, though easy and fun, is quite different from driving a car. Do not assume that you can operate your vehicle safely just because you are a competent automobile driver.

Never lend your vehicle to others unless you are sure that they are competent and properly licensed vehicle operators.

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Observe all rules of the road. Particularly pay attention to all warning, regulatory and informational signs.

Avoid showing off (i.e., popping wheelies). Especially observe speed limits, and remember that road conditions change w i t h t h e w e a t h e r a n d w e t a n d i c y pavements are particularly dangerous for vehicles, especially if you are riding too fast. Remember that automobile drivers have a hard time seeing two-wheeledvehicles, so always give the automobile the right of way, even if it is legally yours.

Before changing lanes, look over your shoulder to make sure that the way is clear. Do not rely exclusively on the rearview mirror: you may miscalculate the distance and speed of a vehicle, or you may even not see it at all.

Avoid obstacles that could damage the vehicle or make you lose control.

Do not tailgate, do not attempt to increase your gas mileage by following in the slip stream of cars or trucks in front of you.

In case of accident motorcycles, scooters and mopeds do not provide the same d e g r e e o f p r o t e c t i o n e n s u r e d b y automobiles. The legs, in particular, are exposed to the risk of being injured. However, the additional installation of leg guards may actually increase the risk of injuries and their seriousness in case of accident.

Do not install leg guards available on the spare parts and accessories market. Noncompliance with these instructions may result in serious injuries or even death.

Always ride with both hands on the handlebars and feet on the footrests.

Never shift gear without using the clutch, if the vehicle is so equipped. Do not operate the shift lever or the other controls suddenly or abruptly. Such misuse can damage the internal components of the vehicle and consequently cause seizure, loss of control, accidents and serious injuries or even death.

Remain in the seat when you are riding. Do not stand up or attempt to stretch while you are riding your vehicle. If you need to rest, pull over to the side of the road when it can be safely done.

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It is very important to your safety that you give full attention to the riding task. Watch what you are doing, do not allow yourself to be distracted by other cars, people or things on the roadside, etc. Never smoke, eat, drink, read, etc. while riding your vehicle. If you must consult a map, pull over when it can be done safely.

Use only the vehicle’s specific fuels and lubricants indicated in the “LUBRICANT CHART”; check the oil, fuel and coolant levels regularly.

If the throttle sticks open, it may cause a collision with another vehicle, or an upset.

If the throttle sticks, kill the engine with the engine stop switch located on the right handlebar.

Do not attempt to restart the engine until the throttle has been repaired and works perfectly. Failure to observe this warning can lead to a runaway resulting in serious injuries or even death.



Your vehicle is equipped with a double cable throttle. One cable opens the throttle when you rotate the throttle grip towards you; the other closes the throttle when you rotate the grip away from you. It is essential, when you release the throttle grip, that it automatically return to the idle position.

This double cable arrangement enhances safety by providing for positive closing of the throttle.

In the event of a throttle sticking emergency, always kill the engine using the engine stop switch located near the throttle grip on the right handlebar. Never use your vehicle if the throttle does not automatically fully return to the idle position when the throttle grip is released. Contact your Local aprilia Dealer for repairs. Failure to observe this warning can lead to a serious accident and result in injury or even death.

If you and your vehicle are involved in an accident, make sure that there has been no damage to the control levers, tubes, wires, braking system and other vital parts. If your vehicle is involved in an accident, take it immediately to your Local aprilia Dealer who has the equipment and knowledge to check for accidental damage which may compromise your safety.

Your aprilia dealer is ready and able to help you with any safety problems that you might have, but of course it is necessary for you to report any malfunctions to your mechanic in order for him to help you.

Do not use your vehicle if it is damaged. A damaged vehicle may become unstable or present other problems which can increase the risk of accident, and therefore of serious injury or even death.

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Do not attempt to modify the position, angle or color of your license plate. Do not cover it, even with a clear plastic covering. Do not modify any of the safety equipment of your vehicle, especially such safety related items as turn indicators, rearview mirrors, lights or horns.

Any modification to your vehicle will invalidate the warranty.

Do not modify your engine in an attempt to increase the horsepower. This can result in irreparable damage to the engine, as well as degradation of the performance and handling of the vehicle which could lead to an upset, and serious injury or even death.


Have your vehicle repaired only with original parts, and use only original aprilia oraprilia approved accessories. The use of aftermarket accessories and parts can seriously compromise the safety of your vehicle as well as its performance and serviceability. Any modification which affects performance or safety voids your warranty completely.

Tampering with the emissions or noise control systems on your vehicle is against the law, and can be punished by large fines.

In some jurisdictions, it can even lead to the confiscation of your vehicle.

This vehicle was not designed to be equipped with a sidecar or to be used to tow trailers or other vehicles.

aprilia does not manufacture sidecars or trailers and therefore cannot predict the effects of such accessories on the maneuverability or stability of the vehicle: it can only warn that such effects may be negative and that any damage to the vehicle components caused by the use of such accessories will not be covered by the warranty.

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Never race other vehicles with your vehicle.

Brake with both the front and rear brakes. The use of only one brake for sudden braking may cause the vehicle to skid or make the rider lose control of the vehicle itself.

When riding down a steep hill, use the engine as a brake by selecting the same gear, or a lower gear, than you would use to climb the hill. Use front and rear brakes sparingly.

Always ride at the appropriate speed and avoid unnecessary harsh acceleration. This is not only safer, but also reduces fuel consumption and increases the life of the vehicle.

If you must ride your vehicle in rainy weather, or on loose surfaces, remember that traction is greatly reduced. Under these conditions, all handling of the vehicle must be done gradually and smoothly. Sudden acceleration, braking or turning may make you lose control of your vehicle. When traction is reduced, accelerate and slow using your vehicle’s engine braking insofar as possible. Avoid rapid, harsh application of the brakes.

Gradually open and close the throttle, to avoid spinning or skidding the rear wheel.

On rough road surfaces, slow down and ride with particular care.

T r y t o a v o i d w i d e o p e n t h r o t t l e accelerations, unless they are necessary for such things as passing.

Do not allow your engine to “lug,” i.e., run at too low an rpm. Shift down to a lower gear. Also, do not over-revthe engine. Observe the red line on the tachometer.

Remember that excessively aggressive cornering can cause your vehicle’s tires to lose sideways traction, which can result in an upset and serious injury or even death.

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