Aprilia TUONO 1000 User Manual 2006
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New tires are often covered with a slippery mold release compound. Scrub the tires in by riding slowly and making numerous turns for the first few miles. Do not use any kind of tire dressing or other liquid on your tires. Especially do not permit any petroleum products, such as oil, gasoline or brake fluid to come in contact with the tires. If you do, wipe it immediately, then scrub the tire with soap and water and a stiff brush.

Do not use a tire that is worn out.

Minimum tread depth is measured as shown above. The minimum tread depth

(1) for both the front and the rear tires is 0.12 in (3 mm).


Your vehicle is equipped with lights that come on automatically as soon as the ignition switch

(2) is turned to “ ” (ON)(low-beamlights “” orhigh-beamlights “”) or position “” (PARKING) (only parking lights “”).

For this reason, there is no light switch on your vehicle. The lights can be switched off only by turning the ignition switch (2) to “” (OFF). Before starting the vehicle, make sure that the dimmer switch (3) is in the (push DOWN) lowbeam lights “” position.



Tampering with the exhaust system is prohibited. It is against the law for you to alter the exhaust system in a manner that increases the noise. Carefully read page 5 (WARNING - PRECAUTIONS - GENERAL ADVICE).


Periodically inspect the entire exhaust system, including the exhaust pipe and silencer, to make sure that no holes have rusted through. Using a wire or small pick, make sure that the drain hole in the bottom of the muffler is open. If the noise of your vehicle has increased significantly, replace the defective exhaust system components. S e e y o u r Local aprilia Dealer. Tampering with the exhaust system not only makes your vehicle loud, it will reduce its performance and shorten its life.


Both exhaust silencers are equipped with catalytic converter and become very hot to the touch. Be careful! Danger of burns!

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