Aprilia ETV MILLE CAPONORD ABS User Manual 2003
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ETV mille Caponord- ETVmille CaponordABS


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NOTE This manual is an important and integral part of your vehicle. Keep it with your vehicle at all times, even if your vehicle is resold.

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This manual is divided into sections, chapters and paragraphs, by subject. The procedures described are laid out in single operation, and each operation is indicated by a .

The numbered parts shown in the figures are identified in the text with the number in parentheses or with the symbol representing them.

Example (the following text is generic and does not refer to this specific vehicle):





safety warning



position (2)

symbol +


Never attempt to place the ignition switch in the locked “+” (LOCK) position while the vehicle is moving.


To lock the steering:

Turn the handlebar completely to the left or to the right.

Turn the key (2) to position ≈ ∆.

Press the key and turn it to position ≈+∆.

Remove the key.


use and maintenance ETV mille Caponord ABSR