Apple DPR2320TM User Manual
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How Do I Select and Place USB Network Devices?

How Do I Select and Place USB Network Devices?

You can use a large variety of USB network devices with your gateway cable modem. These include desktop computers, laptop computers, devices with USB ports, USB adapters. Contact your cable service provider or consult the documentation for your USB network devices for more information on selecting USB network devices.

Where is the Best Location for My USB Network Devices?

You should work with your cable service provider to choose the best location for your USB network devices. Consider these recommendations:

Location of two-waycoaxial cable outlets

Distance of the USB network devices from the gateway cable modem

Location of computers and other equipment from AC power outlets

Ease of running USB cable to the USB network devices

Now that you have selected a location for your USB network devices, the next step is to place and connect your USB network devices. Go to How Do I Connect USB Network Devices, next in this guide.