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Welcome.You’re watching Apple TV.

This guide contains all the information you need to get from setup to your sofa.


Chapter 1:  Connect.

7 What’s in the Box

8 Apple TV at a Glance

10What You Need

11Setting Up Apple TV

Chapter 2:  Configure.

16Network Configuration

17Connecting to iTunes

Chapter 3:  Watch.

20Using Your Apple Remote

21Basic Remote Functions

21Pairing Apple TV with a Remote

22Unpairing Apple TV from a Remote

23Changing the Remote Battery

24Renting Movies and TV Shows

Contents 3

Chapter 4:  Problem? No Problem.

26 Troubleshooting

31Status Light

32Service and Support

32Serial Number

33Care and Cleaning




With Apple TV, you can rent high-definitionmovies and TV shows, watch streaming content from Netflix, and enjoy podcasts,YouTube videos, and Internet radio. And, you can stream all of your personal iTunes content from a Mac or PC, and view photos from your computer, MobileMe, or Flickr all wirelessly to your widescreen HDTV, from the comfort of your couch.

Note:  Content availability varies by region.

For information about


What you need to get started

“What You Need”on page 10



Setting up Apple TV

“Setting Up Apple TV”on page 11



Setting up your network connection

“Configure.”on page 15



Using the Apple Remote

“Watch.”on page 19



Troubleshooting Apple TV

“Problem? No Problem.”on page 25



Apple TV safety and warranty

The AppleTV Important Product


Information Guide



6Chapter 1   Connect.

What’s in the Box

AC power cord

Apple Remote

Note:  Your power cord may look different from the one pictured here.

Chapter 1   Connect.


Apple TV at a Glance

IR receiver

Status light

Power port


G Ethernet port

£ HDMI port

d Micro USB port

Optical digital audio port

8Chapter 1   Connect.

IR receiver

Use with the included Apple Remote to control Apple TV.

Status light

The status light flashes slowly when Apple TV starts up.When Apple TV is on, the status light glows. See“Status Light”on page 31.

dMicro USB port

For service and diagnostics.

Power port

Connect the included AC power cord to the power port on Apple TV.

GEthernet port

If your network is Ethernet based, connect an Ethernet cable.

£HDMI port

Connect Apple TV to the HDMI port of a high-definitionTV using an HDMI cable.

Optical digital audio port

Connect Apple TV to a home theater receiver that has an optical digital audio port, using an optical digital audio (also called S/PDIF or TOSLINK) cable.


Connect Apple TV to your wireless network.

Chapter 1   Connect.


WhatYou Need

To start using Apple TV, you need the following:


A high-definitionTV capable of displaying 720p video


ÂÂ An HDMI cable to connect Apple TV to your TV

ÂÂ An optical digital audio cable (if you plan to use one)


ÂÂ AirPort Extreme, 802.11b, g, or nWi-Fiwireless network (wireless video streaming requires 802.11g or 802.11n), or10/100Base-TEthernet network

ÂÂ A broadband Internet connection (DSL, cable, or LAN)

ÂÂ Your wireless network name and password (if you use one)

Software and Accounts

To play content from a Mac or PC on Apple TV, you need the following: ÂÂ An iTunes Store account for renting movies and TV shows

ÂÂ iTunes 10.0.1 or later

ÂÂ An iTunes Store account to use Home Sharing to stream content from a Mac or PC

ÂÂ A Netflix account for streaming Netflix content

10 Chapter 1   Connect.