Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station ME918LL-A User Manual

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AirPort Extreme

Setup Guide


5 Getting Started

7Ports on Your AirPort Extreme

8Plugging In Your AirPort Extreme

9The AirPort Extreme Status Light

11 Setting Up Your AirPort Extreme

11Setting Up AirPort Extreme Using a Mac

12Setting Up AirPort Extreme Using an iOS device

12Setting Advanced Options

13Using Time Machine with Your AirPort Extreme

14Adding a WPS Printer to Your Password-ProtectedNetwork

15Tips and Troubleshooting

15Best Locations for AirPort Extreme

16Avoiding Interference

16If You Can’t Connect to the Internet

17If You Forget Your AirPort Extreme or Network Password


18 If Your AirPort Extreme Isn’t Responding

18If Your AirPort Extreme Status Light Flashes Amber

19If You Want to Update Your AirPort Extreme Software

20Learning More, Service, and Support

22 AirPort Extreme Specifications and Safety Guidelines


Getting Started



Congratulations on purchasing your AirPort Extreme Base Station. Read this guide to get started.

AirPort Extreme is a fully featured Wi-Fibase station that provides simultaneousdual-bandwireless networking using the 802.11ac specification.When you set up your AirPort Extreme, it creates twohigh-speedWi-Finetworks:

ÂÂ A 2.4 gigahertz (GHz) network for 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n devices, such as iPhone, iPod touch, and older computers

ÂÂ A 5 GHz network for 802.11n, 802.11a, and 802.11ac devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and newer computers

Wi-Fidevices automatically join the network that provides the best performance and compatibility, and AirPort Extreme shares your broadband Internet connection with computers and devices on your network.


Link light

Ethernet LAN


Ethernet WAN

Status lightPower

Reset button

Power cord (Your power cord may look different.)

6 Chapter 1 Getting Started

Ports on Your AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme has six ports on the back:

<One Gigabit Ethernet Wide Area Network (WAN) port

For connecting a DSL or cable modem, or for connecting to an existing Ethernet network

GThree Gigabit Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN) ports

For connecting Ethernet devices such as printers or computers, or for connecting to an existing

Ethernet network

dOne USB port

For connecting a compatible USB printer, hard disk, or hub for connecting several devices

Power port

For connecting AirPort Extreme to an AC power source

Next to the power port is a reset button for troubleshooting your AirPort Extreme.The status light on the front shows its current status.

Chapter 1 Getting Started7

Plugging In Your AirPort Extreme

Before you plug in your AirPort Extreme, first connect the appropriate cables to the ports you want to use:

ÂÂ Connect the Ethernet cable that’s connected to your DSL or cable modem (if you’ll connect to the Internet) to the Ethernet WAN port (<) .

ÂÂ Connect a USB cable from the USB port (d) on your AirPort Extreme to a compatible USB printer, a hard disk, or a hub.

ÂÂ Connect an Ethernet cable from any Ethernet device to any of the Ethernet LAN ports (G).

After you connect the cables for all the devices you plan to use, connect the power cord to the power port and plug your AirPort Extreme into a power outlet.There is no power switch.

Important: Use only the power cord that came with your AirPort Extreme.

When you plug the AirPort Extreme power cord into a power outlet, the status light glows amber during startup, and then flashes amber during setup.The status light glows green after your AirPort Extreme is set up and connected to the Internet or a network.

When you connect Ethernet cables to the Ethernet ports, the lights above them glow solid green.

8 Chapter 1 Getting Started

The AirPort Extreme Status Light

The following table explains the AirPort Extreme light sequences and what they indicate.




Your AirPort Extreme is unplugged.



Solid amber

Your AirPort Extreme is starting up.



Flashing amber

Your AirPort Extreme can’t establish a connection to the network or the Internet,


or is encountering a problem. Use AirPort Utility to get information about what


might cause the status light to flash amber. See“If Your AirPort Extreme Status


Light Flashes Amber” on page 18.



Solid green

Your AirPort Extreme is on and working properly.



Flashing amber

There may be a problem starting up.Your AirPort Extreme will restart and try again.

and green




With AirPort Extreme, you can:

ÂÂ Create apassword-protectedWi-Finetwork, and then connect to the Internet and share the connection with other computers andWi-Fidevices, such as iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Apple TV.

ÂÂ Create a guest network, with or without password protection, to give wireless Internet access to friends and visitors. Devices that connect to the guest network have access to the

Internet, but not to your local network.

ÂÂ Connect aWi-Fiprinter to AirPort Extreme. All the supported computers andWi-Fidevices on the network can print to it.

ÂÂ Connect a USB hard disk to AirPort Extreme. All the computers on the network can access the disk. Use the Time Machine application in OS X v10.5.7 or later to back up all the Mac computers in your home.

Chapter 1 Getting Started9



2.4 or 5 GHz

2.4 or 5 GHz




2.4 or 5 GHz

Cable/DSL modem

iPhone or iPod touch

2.4 or 5 GHz




to Ethernet WAN port

to Internet






Hard disk

Network printer

to USB port

10 Chapter 1 Getting Started