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AboutYourAirPort Card

Includes general information about the AirPort Card and AirPort software

About Your AirPort Card

With the AirPort Card installed in your computer, you can do the following:

mAccess an AirPort network at your work or school and use it to browse the Internet, send and receive e-mail,and more.

mSet up a direct link between two or more AirPort-equippedcomputers (known as a“computer-to-computer”AirPort connection). You can use the link to play multiplayer games.

mSet up an AirPort network using your computer as a base station and provide Internet access to other AirPort-equippedcomputers. You can also set up an AirPort network using an external device called an “AirPort Base Station,” available from yourApple-authorizeddealer or The Apple Store at

About AirPort

AirPort technology offers an easy and affordable way to provide wireless Internet access anywhere in your home or classroom. Instead of using traditional cabling to create a network, AirPort uses wireless local area network (LAN) technology to provide wireless communication between multiple computers.


How AirPort Works

In a traditional network, computers are connected through a series of wires that transfer information between the different computers on the network. With AirPort, data is transferred between computers over a wireless network using radio waves.

There are two ways to create a wireless network. When two or more AirPort-equippedcomputers are in range of one another, they can use AirPort to communicate directly. This connection is known as a“computer-to-computer”AirPort connection.

You can create a more permanent wireless network using a device known as a “base station.” In this kind of network, all wireless communication goes through the base station to other computers on the network or to the Internet.

How AirPort Provides Wireless Internet Access

The following are ways that you can use AirPort technology to provide Internet access to AirPort-equippedcomputers:

mConnect an AirPort Base Station (available from your Apple-authorizeddealer or The Apple Store at to an existing network that already has Internet access, such as in a school or small office.

mConnect a telephone line, cable modem, or DSL modem to an AirPort Base Station. The AirPort Base Station establishes an Internet connection and also creates a wireless network though which multiple computers can get access to the Internet.

mShare the Internet connection (phone line, cable modem, or DSL) of a single AirPortequipped computer with other wireless-equippedcomputers. When the other computers need to access the Internet, all information passes through the computer with the Internet connection.

Note: To use AirPort to access the Internet, you must have an account with an Internet service provider (ISP). In addition, you need to have a traditional way to access the Internet, either through a phone line, cable, or DSL modem.