APC AP9475 User Manual
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6.Press up on the slide release latch at the side of each slide to slide the system completely into the rack.

7.Push in and turn the captive thumbscrews on each side of the front chassis panel to secure the system to the rack.

To remove the system from the slide assemblies, press down on the thumbpads of the system locking mechanism, and then pull the system forward.

Replace the rack doors

See the procedures for replacing doors in the documentation provided with your rack.

Caution: Because of the size and weight of the rack cabinet doors, never attempt to remove or install them by yourself.

Communication Connection

Network overview

The InfraStruXure Central server provides for the management of networked APC devices, NetBotz appliances, and other third-partySNMP devices. It connects to both your existing network (Public LAN) and a private network (Private LAN) to manage connected devices.

Set up the Private LAN

Connect a CAT-5network cable to the network port on each SNMP device

The InfraStruXure Central server can manage any APC device with a network port, as well as third-partySNMP devices.

Note: If you are running PowerChute® Network Shutdown software with an InfraStruXure system’s UPS, that UPS must be connected to the public network.

InfraStruXure Central Installation Manual


Route network cables to the InfraStruXure Central server and switch (or hub)

Overhead routing. This section is for InfraStruXure system installations.

1.Ensure that the APC Shielding Partitions and Cable Ladders are installed on the NetShelter enclosures and the InfraStruXure PDUs.

2.Run the Cat-5network cables (provided) from each APC device to the switch (or hub)

a.Start with the device farthest from the switch (or hub) that uses the longest CAT-5network cable.

b.Bundle cables together and route the bundles in the data cable troughs along rows and across ladders, if necessary.

3. Connect each APC device’s network cable to any available port on the switch (or hub).

Install and route data cables (alternative routing).

Note: If possible, route data cables overhead, as described in“Overhead routing” on this page. Using APC Shielding Partitions and Cable Ladders with your InfraStruXure system reduces problems related to induced voltages for data transmission.

If you must route data cables under a raised floor:

Do not route data cables inside an InfraStruXure PDU to the floor, either within the power cable conduit or in any other location. Induced voltages from the power cables may interfere with data transmission. Route data cables out the roof of the InfraStruXure PDU and down inside the first NetShelter enclosure to the floor.

Induced voltages can also create problems under the floor when data cables are too close to any power cables. Even if data transmission is successful after the initial installation, later additions to power cabling under the floor for other equipment in your data center can jeopardize the integrity of the data transmission for your InfraStruXure Central system.


InfraStruXure Central Installation Manual

Connect the InfraStruXure Central server to your Public LAN

For InfraStruXure system installations, connect the InfraStruXure Central server’s Gb1 port (Standard version shown) to any network port on the user’s Public LAN, using a network jumper cable, or a standard network cable, if necessary.

Public LAN connection:

Connect the InfraStruXure Central server to your Private LAN

1.Connect a port on your Private LAN to the InfraStruXure Central server’s Gb2 port (Standard version shown).

As indicated by the label that covers the Gb2 port, do not connect any network other than your Private LAN to that port, or to any switch that connects to that port.

Private LAN Connection:

2. To access the Private LAN (port Gb2), see“Initial Configuration” on page 10.

Apply power to the InfraStruXure Central server and switch (or hub)

After you install the InfraStruXure Central server and switch (or hub) and make all of the communication connections, connect the power cords to a Rack PDU within the enclosure to apply power to the InfraStruXure Central server.

InfraStruXure Central Installation Manual