APC AP9470, AP9475, InfraStruXure AP9465 User Manual

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APC Worldwide Customer Support

Customer support for this or any other APC product is available at no charge in any of the following ways:

Visit the APC Web site to access documents in the APC Knowledge Base and to submit customer support requests.

www.apc.com (Corporate Headquarters)

Connect to localized APC Web sites for specific countries, each of which provides customer support information.


Global support searching APC Knowledge Base and using e-support.

Contact an APC Customer Support center by telephone or e-mail.

Regional centers

Direct InfraStruXure


Customer Support Line

(toll free)

APC headquarters U.S.,



(toll free)

Latin America




Europe, Middle East,




Western Europe

+800 0272 0272

(including Scandinavia)



(0) 36402-2001


1(800) 652 725


(toll free)

New Zealand

0 (800) 333 373


(toll free)

– Local, country-specificcenters: go towww.apc.com/support/contact for contact information.

Contact the APC representative or other distributor from whom you purchased yourAPC product for information on how to obtain local customer support.

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