APC AP9475 User Manual
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RapidRails Rack Kit Contents

The RapidRails rack kit includes the following items:

• One pair of RapidRails slide assemblies

Installation Tasks

To install a rack kit, perform the following tasks in order:

1.Remove the rack doors.

2.Select a location within the rack.

3.Install the RapidRails slide assemblies.

4.Install the system in the rack.

5.Replace the rack doors.

Remove the rack doors

See the procedures for removing doors in the documentation provided with your rack cabinet.


• Due to the size and weight of the rack cabinet doors, never attempt to remove them by yourself.

• Store the doors where they will not injure someone if the doors accidently fall over.

Select a location within the rack

Each InfraStruXure Central Standard or Basic Edition system requires 1 U (44 mm [1.75 inches]) of vertical space in the rack. Each InfraStruXure Central Enterprise Edition system requires 2 U (88 mm [3.5 inches]) of vertical space in the rack.


InfraStruXure Central Installation Manual

Install the RapidRails slide assemblies

1.At the front of the rack cabinet, position one of the RapidRails slide assemblies so that its mounting-bracketflange fits in oneU-spacein the rack. The top mounting hook on the slide assembly’s front mounting bracket flange should enter the top hole of theU-space.

2.Push the slide assembly forward until the top mounting hook enters the top square hole of the U- space, and then push down on the mounting-bracketflange until the mounting hooks seat in the square holes and the push button pops out and clicks (see below).

Slide assembly (2)

Mounting bracket flange

Mounting hooks (2)

Push button

3.At the back of the enclosure, pull back on the mounting-bracketflange until the top mounting hook is in the top square hole of theU-spaceyou selected, and then push down on the flange until the mounting hooks seat in the square holes and the push button pops out and clicks.

4.Repeat steps 1 through 3 for the slide assembly on the other side of the rack.

Caution: Ensure that the slide assemblies are mounted at the same position on the vertical rails on each side of the rack.

InfraStruXure Central Installation Manual


Install the system in the rack


• If you are installing more than one system, install the first system in the lowest available position in the rack.

Never pull more than one component out of the rack at a time.

Because of the size and weight of the system, never attempt to install the system in the slide assemblies by yourself.

1.Pull the two slide assemblies out of the rack until they lock in the fully extended position. Lift the system into position in front of the extended slides (see below).

shoulder screw on system

system locking mechanism

2.Place one hand on the front-bottomof the system and the other hand on theback-bottomof the system.

3.Tilt the back of the system down while aligning the back shoulder screws on the sides of the system with the back slots on the slide assemblies.

4.Engage the back shoulder screws into their slots.

5.Lower the front of the system and engage the front and middle shoulder screws in their slots (the middle slot is just behind the yellow system release latch). When all shoulder screws are properly seated, the system locking mechanism at the front of each slide assembly clicks and locks the system into the slide assembly.


InfraStruXure Central Installation Manual