APC AP9475 User Manual
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Installation Instructions

This installation guide provides instructions for trained service technicians installing one or more systems in a rack. The provided RapidRails rack kit can be installed without tools in any enclosure that has square holes. One rack kit is required for each system installed in the rack. VersaRails™ rack kits, which are designed for use with enclosures that have round holes, are available for purchase separately.

Caution: Do not install rack kit components designed for another system. Use only the rack kit for your system. Using the rack kit for another system may result in damage to the system and personal injury to yourself and to others.

Before You Begin

Before you begin installing your system in the rack, read the safety instructions on page 2 and in this section.

Observe the following safety precautions when installing your system in the rack


• When installing multiple systems in a rack, complete all of the procedures for the current system before attempting to install the next system.

Follow the procedures in this document to protect yourself as well as other service technicians. Your system is very large and heavy, and proper preparation and planning are important to prevent injury to yourself and to others, especially when systems are installed in the top half of the rack.

Installing systems in a rack without front and side stabilizer feet could cause the rack to tip over, potentially resulting in bodily injury. Always install the stabilizer feet of the rack before installing components. The stabilizer feet help prevent the rack from tipping over when a system or other component is pulled out of the rack with the slide assemblies fully extended. See the documentation provided with the rack cabinet for instructions on installing and anchoring the stabilizer feet.

After installing systems in a rack, never pull more than one system out of the rack on its slide assemblies at one time. The weight of more than one extended system could cause the rack to tip over and cause injury.

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