APC AP9475 User Manual
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The InfraStruXure Central server is shipped with rack-mountingrails. Install the rails at the appropriate position in your rack, and mount the unit. If the unit is mounted in an enclosure instead of an open rack, the maximum ambient temperature in the enclosure should be no greater than 35°C (95°F).

When you install equipment in the rack, make sure it does not interfere with the air flow required for safe operation for the equipment.

When you mount equipment in the rack, make sure you do not cause a hazardous condition because of an uneven mechanical load.

When you connect equipment to the supply circuit, avoid overloading the circuits, which could jeopardize over-currentprotection and damage the supply wiring. See ratings on the equipment nameplates for guidance.

Maintain reliable earth grounding of the unit, particularly for supply connections (e.g., when Power Distribution Units (PDUs) that are not directly connected to the branch circuit are used).

Equipment containing a battery

This equipment contains a non-replaceablelithium coin cell battery.


InfraStruXure Central Installation Manual