APC AP9218 User Manual
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Outlet Control You can perform the following Outlet Control Actions on individualActions outlets or on all accessible outlets as a group (byMaster Outlet Control).

You can apply a Control Action only to an outlet that is not executing a command.





Immediate On

The outlet turns on.



Immediate Off

The outlet turns off.



Immediate Reboot

The outlet turns off immediately, waits the outlet’s Reboot

Duration time, and turns on.




Delayed On

The outlet turns on according to its Power On Delay.



Delayed Off

The outlet turns off according to its Power Off Delay.




All outlets in the group assigned to the outlet user

Sequenced Reboot

immediately turn off. Each outlet then waits the longest

Reboot Duration (in seconds) of any outlet in the group,



waits its own Power On Delay, and turns on.



Delayed Reboot

The outlet turns off after its Power Off Delay, waits its own

Reboot Duration, and turns on.





Each outlet in the group of accessible outlets does the



Delayed Sequenced

1. Waits its own Power Off Delay.

2. Turns off.


3. Waits the longest Reboot Duration time (in seconds) of


any outlet in the group.


4. Waits its own Power On Delay.


5. Turns on.




All pending commands are canceled for the outlet(s).

Cancel Pending

Note: The Outlet State appears in orange with an asterisk


(*), indicating that a command is pending for the





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