APC AP9218 User Manual
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Product Information

Obtaining Customer Support


To obtain customer support for problems with the MasterSwitch PDU:

Customer Support


Contact Customer Support at a phone number or address listed




under APC Worldwide Customer Support on page 53, and be



ready to provide the serial number and date of purchase of the



MasterSwitch PDU.



Be prepared to provide a description of the problem so that the



technician can attempt to solve the problem over the phone.



If phone consultation cannot solve the problem, the technician



will give you a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. If



the MasterSwitch PDU is under warranty, repair or replacement



is free of charge. If the warranty has expired, there will be a



charge for repair or replacement.



If you are asked to return the MasterSwitch PDU, pack the unit



carefully. Damage sustained in transit is not covered by the






– Enclose a letter in the package with your name, address,



RMA number, a copy of the sales receipt, your daytime



phone number, and a check as payment (if applicable).



– Mark the RMA number clearly on the outside of the shipping



carton. The factory will not accept any materials without this






Return the MasterSwitch PDU by insured, prepaid carrier to the



address provided by the technician.

MasterSwitch Power Distribution Unit User’s Guide