APC AP9218 User Manual
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MasterSwitch Power Distribution Unit


Security Features

Planning and

As a network device that passes information across the network, the


MasterSwitch PDU is subject to the same exposure as other devices on

security features

the network.


Use the information in this section to plan and implement the security


features appropriate for your environment.

Port assignments

If a Telnet, FTP, or Web server uses anon-standardport, a user must


specify the port when using the client interface, such as a Web browser.


The non-standardport address becomes an extra “password,” hiding


the server to provide an additional level of security. The TCP ports for


which the Telnet, FTP, and Web servers listen are initially set at the


standard “well known ports” for the protocols.To hide the interfaces, use


any port numbers from 5000 to 65535.

User names,

All user names, passwords, and community names for SNMP are


transferred over the network as plain text. A user who is capable of

community names

monitoring the network traffic can determine the user names and


passwords required to log in to the Administrator, Device Manager, and


Outlet User accounts of the Control Console or Web interface of a


MasterSwitch PDU. This security limitation of the protocols affects any


device using Telnet, a Web server, or an SNMP version 1 agent.

MasterSwitch Power Distribution Unit User’s Guide