APC AP9218 User Manual
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Initial Setup

Required network

You must configure the following network settings of the MasterSwitch


PDU before it can operate on a network:


IP address of the unit


• Subnet Mask


IP address of the default gateway


Note: If a default gateway is not present, enter anIP address


of a computer that is on the same subnet and that is


always active.

Configuring TCP/IP

To configure TCP/IP settings, seeTCP/IP on page 15 and see the


MasterSwitch Installation and Quick Start Manual, included in printed


form with the MasterSwitch PDU and in Portable Document Format


(Install.pdf) on thisCD-ROM.

Customizing your

After you configure MasterSwitch network settings, no further


configuration is required. The remaining MasterSwitch properties are


pre-configuredto default settings at the factory. However, you may want


to customize these properties for your application. For more information,


see Managing the MasterSwitch PDU on page 5.


The management card within the MasterSwitch PDU supports an auto-


configuration utility that you can use to create a configuration file, which


you can then download to other MasterSwitch PDUs, either to individual


units one at a time or to multiple units at the same time. For more


information, see the Management Card Addendum(addendum.pdf


on the MasterSwitch CD-ROM).

MasterSwitch Power Distribution Unit User’s Guide