APC AP9218 User Manual
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Event-Related Menus and Options

Email Option

Requirements for

To use the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to sende-mailwhen

using SMTP

an event occurs, you must define the following settings:


• The IP address of the domain name service (DNS) server.


• The DNS name of the SMTP server and theFrom Address set-


tings for SMTP.


• The e-mailaddresses for a maximum of four recipients.


Note: To page ane-mailrecipient who uses atext-based



pager gateway, see the description of the To Address



setting in Email Recipients on page 31.

DNS server

To enable the Management Card to send e-mailmessages, you must


use the TCP/IP & DNS option (Web interface) orDNS option (control


console) in the Network menu to identify the domain name service


(DNS) server by itsIP address.


If the Management Card does not receive a response from the DNS


server within five seconds, e-mailcannot be sent. Therefore, use aDNS


server on the same segment as the Management Card or on a nearby


segment (but not across a WAN).


After you define the DNS server’sIP address, verify thatDNS is working


correctly by entering the DNS name of a computer on your network to


obtain the IP address for thatDNS name.

SMTP settings

The Email option in theNetwork menu accesses the followingSMTP


















SMTP Server


The DNS name of theSMTP server.








The contents of the From field in thee-mailmessages sent by




the Management Card.


From Address


Note: See the documentation for yourSMTP server to




determine whether you must you use a valid user




account on the server for this setting.





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