APC AP9218 User Manual
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Event-Related Menus and Options

Actions Option (Web Interface only)

Enabling and

Use the Actions option of theEvents menu to enable or disable the

disabling event

following for events that have a specified severity level:


Events Log



SNMP Traps




Some Management Card (system) events do not have a severity level,


and you cannot disable actions for those events.

Severity levels of

All MasterSwitch events and some Management Card events have a


default severity level of Severe, Warning, or Informational. See Severity


levels defined on page 36.


To use an evntlist.htm page to change the default severity level of an


event, see How to Configure Individual Events on page 33.

Event Log action

Disable this action to prevent the logging of all events that have a


severity level. By default, all events are logged.

SNMP Traps action

By default, the SNMP Traps action is enabled for all MasterSwitch


events and for Management Card events that have a severity level


(informational, warning, or severe).


To use SNMP traps for event notifications, you must first identify the trap


receivers (up to four) by their specific IP addresses. See Trap receivers


on page 30.

Email action

By default, the Email action is enabled for severe events only. To use


e-mailfor event notification, you must first define thee-mailrecipients.


See page 31.

Related topics

See Event Log on page 27.


See Management card events on page 37 and MasterSwitch events on

page 38 for a description and the default severity level (if any) for each event.

MasterSwitch Power Distribution Unit User’s Guide