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MasterSwitch Power Distribution Unit

Event-RelatedMenus and Options

Event Log

Logged events The Management Card’s event log records normal and abnormal Management Card (system) events and MasterSwitch events. Any conditions that cause an SNMP trap, except for SNMP authentication failures, are logged as events. For a list of all events, see Management Card and MasterSwitch Events on page 36.

To disable the logging of events based on their assigned severity level, use the Actions option in the Web interface’sEvents menu, as described onpage 29.

Accessing the log To view or clear the Management Card’s event log, use the Web interface, control console, orFTP.

Web interface. To display the last300 (or fewer) events recorded in the event log, in reverse chronological order, use theLog option in the

Events menu.

To clear all events from the log, use the Delete Log button.

Control Console. Use the control console from a local computer (by directserial-cableconnection) or over the network (using Telnet) to do the following:

To display the event log, in reverse chronological order, press


To scroll through the last 300 (or fewer) recorded events, use the space bar.

To clear all events from the log, type d and press ENTER while viewing the log.

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Event-Related Menus and Options

Event Log continued

Accessing the log, FTP. Theevent.txt file is a text version of the Management Card’s eventcontinued log.

It is tab-delimitedso that it can be imported into any spreadsheet application.

It reports as many as 5000 events that occurred since the log was last deleted.

It includes information that is not displayed in the Management Card’s event log as displayed by the Web interface and control console.

The version of the event.txt file format (first field).

The Date andTime theevent.txt file was retrieved.

Note: You may need to select afour-digitdate format in your spreadsheet application to display all four digits of the year.

The Name,Contact,Location, and IP address of the Management Card.

The unique Event Code for every type of event.

To use FTP to retrieve the event.txt file, do the following:

1.At a command prompt, type ftp and theIP address of the Management Card, and press ENTER.


2.Log on.

Note: Case-sensitiveUser Name andPassword settings (apc by default for both) protectFTP access. On theNetwork menu, use theFTP option in the control console or theTFTP & FTP option in the Web interface to change these settings.

3.Use the get command to transmit the text-version of the Management Card’s event log to your local drive. ftp>get event.txt

To clear all events from the log, use the del command. A newevent.txt file is created immediately to record the Deleted Log event.

ftp>del event.txt

250 Requested file action okay, completed. ftp>

To exit from FTP, typequit.

MasterSwitch Power Distribution Unit User’s Guide