APC AP9218 User Manual
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Configuring and Using E-mail Notification

Configuring SMTP and DNS Settings

Requirements for

To use the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to send e-mailwhen

using SMTP

an event occurs, you must define the following settings:


• The IP address of the Domain Name Service (DNS) server.


• The DNS name of the SMTP server and theFrom Address set-


tings for SMTP.


• The e-mailaddresses for a maximum of four recipients.


Note: To page ane-mailrecipient who uses atext-based



pager gateway, see the description of the To Address



setting in Settings on page 25.

DNS server

To enable the Management Card to send e-mailmessages, you must


use the TCP/IP & DNS option (Web interface) orDNS option (Control


Console) in the Network menu to identify the Domain Name Service


(DNS) server by its IP address.


If the unit does not receive a response from the DNS server within five


seconds, e-mailcannot be sent. Therefore, use a DNS server on the


same segment as the unit or on a nearby segment (but not across a






After you define the DNS server’s IP address, verify that DNS is working


correctly by entering the DNS name of a computer on your network to


obtain the IP address for that DNS name.

SMTP settings

The E-mail option in theNetwork menu accesses the following SMTP


















SMTP Server


The DNS name of the SMTP server.








The contents of the From field in thee-mailmessages sent by




the Management Card.


From Address


Note: See the documentation for your SMTP server to




determine whether you must use a valid user account




on the server for this setting.





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