APC AP9218 User Manual
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MasterSwitch Power Distribution Unit

Configuring and Using E-mailNotification

Configuring E-mailRecipients

Menu options

To identify up to four e-mailrecipients, use one of the following:

The Recipients option of the Web interface’sEvents menu

The E-mail option of the Control Console’sNetwork Menu










Defines the user and domain names of the recipient.



To use e-mailfor paging, use thee-mailaddress for the recipient’s



pager gateway account (for example, myacct100@skytel.com). The



pager gateway generates the page.



Note: The recipient’s pager must be able to usetext-based









Lets you choose one of the following methods for routing e-mail:



• Send e-mailthrough the Management Card’s SMTP server.



Selecting Local SMTP Server, which is the recommended option,



ensures that the e-mailis sent before the unit’s20-secondtime-out,


Send via

and, if necessary, is retried several times.


• Send e-maildirectly to the recipient’s remote SMTP server. If you





select the Recipient’s SMTP Server option, and the remote SMTP



server is busy, the time-outmay prevent somee-mailfrom being



sent, With this option, the management card tries to send the e-mail



only once.






Enables (by default) or disables sending e-mailto the defined







Configuring the

When you select the Local SMTP Server option for theSend via

local SMTP server

setting, you must do one of the following:


• Make sure that forwarding is enabled at that server so that the


server can route e-mailto external SMTP servers.


Note: Always see yourSMTP-serveradministrator before



changing the configuration of your SMTP server.


• Set up a special e-mailaccount for the Management Card.


This account then forwards the E-mailto an externale-mail



Testing E-mail

In the Web interface, use the E-mail Test option to send a teste-mail


message to a configured recipient.

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