APC 2200 VA User Manual

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Installation Guide SMT 2200/3000 VA

Optional Replacement PDU


Adhere to all national and local electrical codes. A certified electrician must perform all electrical connections.

1.Disconnect equipment connected to the UPS.

2.Press the OFF button located on the front of the UPS.

3.Disconnect the batteries in the UPS.

4.Disconnect the UPS from utility power.


Note: The illustrations in this manual may differ slightly in appearance from the actual hardware.

Remove the five screws that secure the factory installed PDU panel to the UPS. Save the screws.

Disconnect the PDU output cables as shown in the diagrams.

Do not disconnect the AC input connector.

AC Input Connector


Locate and snap together the corresponding connectors on the UPS and the replacement PDU panel.

Note: The two pin connector will not be utilized with the replacement PDU panel.

Secure the replacement PDU panel to the UPS with the screws removed from the factory installed PDU panel.





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