APC 120V User Manual
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Install the Unit

Install the unit on a flat surface

The unit may be installed on any flat surface capable of supporting at least 27.3 kg (60 lbs).

Remove the mounting brackets.

Attach the stabilizing feet. Attach the stabilizing feet (included) to the bottom of the unit before placing it on a flat surface to avoid scratching the surface and to protect the unit.

Install the unit in a rack or enclosure

Use four screws to secure the mounting brackets to the rails in the rack or enclosure.

Connect A/C Power

Connect the unit to A/C power

Note: If the unit is connected to A/C power, the unit is actively monitoring input power, but is operating in Standby mode.

Use the A/C power cord to connect the unit to A/C power. If the unit is functioning properly, the display will illuminate.

Connect components to the unit

Before connecting components to the unit, determine which components will utilize the ALWAYS ON outlets, theSWITCHED outlet, and theDELAY outlets. Then, connect components to the outlets on the back panel of the unit.

APC A/V G-TypeRack Power Filter: Installation


Always On outlets. TheALWAYS ON outlets supply power to the connected components, even if the unit is turned off. If A/C power is lost, and thenre-appliedto the unit, components connected to theALWAYS ON outlets will turn on immediately, as power will be supplied to them immediately.

Switched outlet. TheSWITCHED outlet supplies power to the connected equipment while the unit is on. If the unit shuts off, it will not supply power to equipment connected to theSWITCHED outlet. If A/C power is lost, and thenre-appliedto the unit, equipment connected to theSWITCHED outlet will turn on immediately.

Delay outlets. The unit has five delayed outlets. When the unit is turned on, power is immediately applied to theSWITCHED outlet (power was already being supplied to theALWAYS ON outlets, even though the unit was off). Then, power is applied to each of theDELAYED outlets in sequence,DELAY 1 first, throughDELAY 4.

When the unit is turned off, power is disconnected from the delayed outlets in reverse order.

Use the display interface to customize the delay times.


APC A/V G-TypeRack Power Filter: Installation