AOpen AK79GMAX User Manual
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WinBIOS Utility

In the past, users have to keep punching the DEL key at a good timing during POST

(Power-On-Self-Test)screen to get into the BIOS, which is inconvenient and clumsy. From now on, AOpen provides an easier way to configure your BIOS. WinBIOS is a customized utility for running exclusively on AOpen motherboards, which allows you to setup your BIOS under Windows environment. Designed withtraditional-BIOS-alikeinterface, you may adjust BIOS parameter with clear descriptions for each item.

WinBIOS is natively designed with multi-languagesupport. There are variouswidely-uselanguages provided on our website for your downloading, which also helps to prevent wrong settings caused by misunderstanding of the languages. The only thing you have to do is to visit our official website and download your

respective language pack (of few KB size), then double-clickon it to activate the support with your chosen language.

Moreover, with high scalability, either for newly bought motherboard or the latest BIOS version with new function, you don’t have to re-installthe whole program again and again. All you have to do is to grab the latest profile from our website, simplydouble-clickon it as well to support the latest version of your BIOS. You don’t have to spend any extra effort to have your motherboard supported by WinBIOS.



Function keys:

It’s definitely easy to handle WinBIOS as if you’re using traditional BIOS setting. Users can use the arrow keys such as to move around the items in WinBIOS screen. And use, “+” or“-”to change the setting value if they are available. Pressto get back to the previous screen. Furthermore, the hotkeys shown in the table may help you and save your time. Some settings may not come into effect until you reboot your system.






Function Description


Get help description.


Item Help


Changing menu language.


Load previous setting


Load setup default setting


Load turbo setting


Save changed setting and exit setup program.


Full Screen / Normal Mode



Caution: After updating your BIOS, please remember to update WinBIOS profile as well. If the upgraded BIOS version is newer than WinBIOS profile, WinBIOS will not be able to launch and a dialog box with error message will pop up. This verification is designed on purpose to protect your BIOS from damaged by wrong profile version.

For the latest WinBIOS profile and language pack modules, you may find them from AOpen official web site as shown below: (


AK79G MAX/AK79D MAX OOnnlliinnee MMaannuuaall

BIOS Upgrade under Windows environmentt

With outstanding R&D ability of AOpen, we now bring you a whole new BIOS Flash wizard

----EzWinFlash. With an eye to users convenience, EzWinFlash combines the BIOS binary code and flash module together, so the only thing you have to do is just clicking on the utility you downloaded from web and let it helps you complete the flash process automatically. EzWinFlash detects your

motherboard and checks the BIOS version cleverly to prevent your system from any possible failure. Moreover, EzWinFlash has been taken into consideration to go with any windows platform you might be using, no matter if you’re using Windows 95/98, 98SE/ME, NT4.0/2000, or even the latest Windows XP.

In the meanwhile, in order to provide a much more user-friendlyoperating environment, AOpen EzWinFlash is natively designed to havemulti-languagefunction to provide easier way for users’ usage in changing BIOS setting.

Caution: By updating your motherboard, you are taking a risk of BIOS flash failure. If your motherboard is working stable, and there are no major bugs that had been fixed by a latter BIOS revision, we recommend that you DO NOT try to upgrade your BIOS.

If you intent on upgrading, PLEASE BE SURE to get the right BIOS revision for the right motherboard model to avoid any possibility failure.

Note: The model name on this BIOS picture is for reference only. It may not be the exact model name.




You may accomplish BIOS upgrade procedure with EzWinFlash by the following steps, and it’s STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to close all the applications before you start the upgrading.

1.Download the new version of BIOS package zip file from AOpen official web site. (ex:

2.Unzip the download BIOS package (ex: WAK79GMAX102.ZIP) with WinZip ( in Windows environment.

3.Save the unzipped files into a folder, for example, WAK79GMAX102.EXE & WAK79GMAX102.BIN.

4.Double click on the WAK79GMAX102.EXE, EzWinFlash will detect the model name and BIOS version of your motherboard. If you had got the wrong BIOS, you will not be allowed to proceed with the flash steps.

5.You may select preferred language in the main menu, then click [Start Flash] to start the BIOS upgrade procedure.

6.EzWinFlash will complete all the process automatically, and a dialogue box will pop up to ask you to restart Windows. You may click [YES] to reboot Windows.

7.Press <Del> at POST to enter BIOS setup, choose "Load Setup Defaults", then “Save & Exit Setup”. Done!

It is strongly recommended NOT to turn off the power or run any application during FLASH PROCESS.

Warning: The new BIOS upgrade will permanently replace your original BIOS’s settings when flashing. You may need to reconfigure your BIOS setting so that your system can go back to work as normal.