AOpen AK79GMAX User Manual
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Feature Highlight


Supports AMD® Socket 462 series CPU with 200MHz, 266MHz and 333MHz, EV6 Bus designed for Socket 462 technology.

Athlon: 600MHz~1.4GHz

Duron: 600MHz~1.2GHz

AthlonXP: 1500+(1.33GHz)~2800+(2.25GHz)


NVIDIA nForce™2-ST/GTare excellent in providing amazing digital media performance, such as 400MHz DDR memory controller, optimized128-bitarchitecture reducing overall system memory latency. WhatnForce™2-GTintegrated in this excellent chipset is the GeForce4 MX Graphics, which provides the fastest integrated graphics performance and the most comprehensive set of features. Of five PCI slots provided, this model supports all five master PCI slots with arbitration and decoding for all integrated functions and LPC bus.

Ultra DMA 66/100/133 Bus Master IDE

Embedded within NVIDIA MCP/MCP-T,this motherboard equips with Ultra DMA 66/100/133 that supports three connectors, and that means six IDE devices in three channels, and supports Enhanced IDE devices.




Expansion Slots

Including five 32-bit/33MHzPCI slots and one AGP 8X slot which supports AGP card. ThePCI local bus throughput can be up to 132MB/s. TheAccelerated Graphics Port (AGP) specification provides a new level of video display sophistication and speed with data transfer rate up to 2.1GB/s.


With NVIDIA nForce™2 chipsets, the AK79G MAX/AK79D MAX can support dual channel Double-Data-Rate (DDR) RAM. The dual channel mode allows chipsets to get data in 128 bit. The DDR RAM interface allows zero wait state bursting between the SDRAM and the data buffers at 333/266/200MHz. The three slots of DDR RAM can be composed of an arbitrary mixture of 64, 128, 256, 512MB or 1GB DDR RAM and maximum up to 3GB. The AK79G MAX/AK79D MAX allows DDR RAM to run at either synchronous orpseudo-synchronousmode with the host CPU bus frequency (400/333/266MHz).

On-boardAC97 Sound

AK79G MAX/AK79D MAX uses the AC97 CODEC RealTek ALC650 chip. Thison-boardaudio includes a complete audio recording and playback system.

LAN Port

LAN MAC embedded in nForce2 chipsets and a Realtek RTL8201BL PHY onboard, which support 10/100Mbps BaseT Fast Ethernet and is IEEE802.3 compliant.




Six USB 2.0 Connectors

Provides three ports, six USB 2.0 connectors with transfer rates at high speed of 480Mbps for USB interface devices, such as mouse, keyboard, modem, scanner, etc.

1MHz Stepping CPU Frequency Adjustment

Provides “1MHz Stepping Frequency Adjustment” function in the BIOS. This magic function allows you adjust CPU FSB frequency from 100~200 by 1MHz stepping, and lets your system can get maximum performance.

Power Management/Plug and Play

Supports the power management function that confirms to the power-savingstandards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star program. It also offersPlug-and-Play,which helps saving users from configuration problems, thus making the system much moreuser-friendly.

Hardware Monitoring Management

Supports CPU or system fans status, temperature and voltage monitoring and alert, through the on-boardhardware monitor module and Aopen Hardware Monitoring Utility.


Combines “Hardware-StatusMonitoring”, “Overheat Warning” and “Fan Speed Control” withuser-friendlyinterfaces to provide a perfect balance among noises, system performance and stability.


AK79G MAX/AK79D MAX OOnnlliinnee MMaannuuaall

Enhanced ACPI

Fully implement the ACPI standard for Windows® 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP series compatibility, and supportsSoft-Off,STR (Suspend to RAM, S3), STD (Suspend to Disk, S4) features.