AOpen AK79GMAX User Manual
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Open JukeBox Player

Here we are pleased to provide you a brand-newpowerfulinterface—OpenJukeBox. Without any cost you can have your PC turn into a fashionable CD player! This latest Open JukeBox motherboard aims at helping you directly operate your CD player on the PC

without any hassle of entering Windows operation system.


Note: Though some of the latest version of Windows support “Digital Audio” through IDE bus. However, in order to use Open Jukebox player, which is driven under BIOS, it is a MUST to insert audio cable to CD-IN connector on the motherboard.



How Your Open JukeBox Works

The operation of Open JukeBox Player is the same as other CD players. By pressing specific keys on the keyboard you will find playing Open JukeBox Player couldn’t be easier than the traditional CD Players. Below is the function description of respective buttons.


Display Screen

Boot to

Operation System

Function Key

Power: PressingO, to directly power off your computer with no hassle of entering Windows Operation System.Boot: PressingB, to intelligently boot to Windows Operation System for you.

Play: PressingA, to start playing CD music.Stop: PressingS, to stop the music playing.Pause: PressingP, to pause the music playing temporarily.

Eject: PressingE, to eject CD tray for you to change CD disc.Repeat: Like other CD Players, pressingR, to shift the repeat mode.Volume +/-: Pressing+ orto adjust the volume of playing music.

Rewind/Forward Å / Æ: Pressingarrow keys, to rewind or forward the music.




Your Open JukeBox Settings in BIOS

There are three Open JukeBox settings in BIOS as follows.

Auto: The default setting is “Auto” with which the Open JukeBox will automatically check the CD player every time you power on. The Open JukeBox will automatically be launched when it detects a music CD in your CD player.

Press Insert Key: Choosing this setting will allow a reminder message popped up on the screen during BIOS POST. It reminds you of pressing “Ins” key on your keyboard to start Open JukeBox Player; otherwise the system will launch the Windows Operation System.

CD Player: Choosing this setting allows the system to launch Open JukeBox Player every time you power on. However, by pressingB on your keyboard the Windows Operation System will be launched.




Your Open JukeBox EzSkin

Except these powerful functions above, Open JukeBox Player is also equipped with another fancy feature for you to change its “skin”. You can download as many skins as you want from AOpen Website, and changing them whenever you want by using this useful utility – EzSkin – which may also be downloaded from our website.

Even more, you may design your own skins with innovative idea and sharing them to users around the world by uploading to our website. For further technical information, we welcome you to visit our website at