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Solaris From ADC.

Experience drying on a whole new level.

Experience drying on a whole new level.

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Solaris improves the state of commercial drying in virtually every way. The Solaris line advances energy efficiency, performance, durability, usability and style as only ADC can. At the center of the achievement: energy savings of up to 30%. And that is just the start of a full spectrum of ownership benefits. We invite you to see drying technology in a whole new light.

Optimize drying operations, with style.


Single Phase




98% Front



Lint Drawer



With its multi-functionaldiagnostics, the Solaris microprocessor monitors the entire dryer to maximize performance, increase operational efficiency and reduce downtime. It reports dryer service needs via a scrolling display that can reduce guesswork and service time. It can also alternate messages between two languages – a more intelligent approach to amulti-culturalworld.

Reverse tumbling ensures that the load doesn’t “rope” or “ball up”, providing a quicker, more even drying process. Solaris makes what used to be an expensive option reserved for 3-phasepower users available to those with standardsingle-phasevoltage.

Smooth and comfortable in the hand, Solaris door handles exemplify the attention to detail that improves the user experience in every way.

Simply open the lower panel, and 98% of the serviceable components are right at hand. The Solaris line virtually eliminates the time-consumingeffort involved in servicing components on competitors’rear-accessdryers.

With safety in mind, Solaris drying tumblers automatically display a message to clean the lint drawer at pre-setintervals. No guesswork, no forgetting about this vital maintenance task. And thanks to a strong,non-wearingmagnetic closure, the lint drawer stays flush to the front surface, maintaining the sleek good looks.

When compared to other dryers in their load class, the footprint of the Solaris drying tumbler translates into more productive value for each square foot of the laundry floor. While others are space wasters by comparison, Solaris lean machines enable you to reclaim floor space and maximize dryer count.

Optional pedestals elevate the machines to a comfortable height. Standard laundry carts fit under an open door for easy loading/unloading.


Industry-leadingenergy savings combine with the most advanced Auto Drying Technology to ensure optimal drying performance. Solaris drying tumblers don’t compete with other dryers, they make other dryers obsolete.


A double layer of glass seals heat inside the dryer –

keeping the heat focused on the laundry rather than escaping to the outside.

Solaris drying tumblers are cooler to the touch and keep laundry rooms cooler, which can help cut air-conditioningcosts.

Dual Burners

Gas heated SL50 and SL75 models have a unique, dual-burnerdesign that enables Solaris machines to maintain a tighter range of the set temperature. This enables a dramatic reduction

in energy usage without sacrificing performance. Added flexibility for more delicate cycles can be

programmed to use the heat from only one burner,

for more exact cycles and energy savings.

Power Regulation



Auto Dry Technology

Solaris drying tumblers are designed to be the safest dryers available and meet both CSA and CE standards. They incorporate the patented S.A.F.E., sensor-activatedfire extinguishing system that responds immediately to any fire. It is the only system that activates to a fire condition either during operation or in an idol state. The S.A.F.E. system quickly dispenses water to extinguish a fire then shuts itself down, eliminating water damage and cleanup. In addition, the computerread-outprovides current dryer safety information and multiple,self-diagnosticfeatures.

Solaris utilize a unique Residual Moisture Control sensing system to measure the presence of moisture in the load. When moist laundry is present the sensing circuit indicates a “wet hit” to the microprocessor. A fuzzy logic algorithm computes the number of wet hits and stops the dryer exactly when the load is dry, saving time and energy.

Using two motors per tumbler, the Solaris intelligently controls electrical operation that minimizes the peak amperage drawn at start-upand provides added safety.

An ADC exclusive, the fan motor first starts and verifies airflow. If proper airflow is not present the basket will not turn. Seconds after airflow is verified, the drive motor engages.

The Solaris drum offers 100% axial airflow – the only such design on the market. Heat flows in from the rear and is captured in the solid (not perforated) stainless steel drum while multiple heat sensors keep

temperatures even. By directing, retaining and maintaining heat more efficiently, the Solaris line achieves exceptional drying results using less energy. They are virtually

wear-freeandultra-smooth,creating minimal lint.


Other dryers are simply no match.

ADC’s Solaris line is the result of intelligent design, engineering and

manufacturing. Offering the most durable construction of any dryers available on the market, they are built for long life and continued return on your investment.



The 4-wheeldrum support system is inherently more capable than trunnion ordrive-shaftdesigns. It is more stable, translates power into motion more evenly and is more durable. It can eliminate the costly service associated with older designs.

Stainless steel and epoxy based powder coated steel provide beauty and brawn. Solaris epoxy coatings are more durable than standard paint and uniformly applied for super resistance to abrasion and impact. Optional stainless steel doors and front panels are virtually impervious to wear while providing an unmistakably worldclass appearance.


Solaris boasts the most durable door in the

industry. Featuring hidden magnetic door

switches rather than damage-prone,plastic


mechanical action switches used by competitors,


they are designed to last the life of the machine.


It also prevents the switch from being bypassed


for added safety. The door swing on the Solaris


is limited to 140 degrees preventing doors from


hitting adjoining equipment while heavy-duty


stainless steel hinges are securely bolted through


two layers of steel. With vault-likedurability


and integrity, they have been life tested for the


equivalent of 20+ years of operation, to stand


up to continuous, real-worlduse.


Hot Surface Ignition


Users can simply take for granted that a Solaris


drying tumbler will always start up. Hot surface


ignition is ultra-reliableand is an integral part


of Solaris efficiency and dependability.


While Solaris represents the future



of commercial laundry drying, the


entire line is firmly rooted in ADC


tradition. That includes a rigorous

inspection process. Each machine



receives thorough performance testing


(including complete cycle testing)


and a multipoint inspection before


it can earn the ADC name. Signed


inspection stickers make visible the


pride we take in ADC craftsmanship


and underscore our personal


commitment to our dryers’ long-


term performance and durability.


Exceeding the highest standards.

Stainless Steel

White Epoxy

The Solaris line was unquestionably built for the demanding, round-the-clockneeds of commercial operations. By creating machines with your needs in mind, ADC offers you dryers with more of what you want in terms of dependability, energy savings, drying speed, serviceability, convenience and safety.

Available in 20 and 30 lb, single-pocketor stacking units, as well as 50 and 75 lb models heated by gas, electricity or steam, Solarison-premisedryers arenon-stopload warriors. Withsingle-phasereversing to prevent “roping” and “balling” and a unique residual moisture controlled auto dry system, they dry quickly and more efficiently. Solaris tumblers consume less energy than other dryers on the market without sacrificing dry times. Each dryer is designed to achieveindustry-leadingresults for demanding operations from hotels to nursing homes to gyms. As smart as Solaris machines are from an engineering point of view, you will find your Solaris investment even smarter from a business standpoint.





Results you can count on for the


long run.


On Premise

In addition to remarkable energy savings and durability, the Solaris line boasts a smaller footprint than other dryers of the same load capacity. That means you can fit more machines on the floor space you have and increase your revenue potential without increasing your overhead.

Energy savings of up to 30% are the highlight of the Solaris line of tumblers. Available in 20 and 30 lb single pocket or stacking units as well as 50 and 75 lb capacities, Solaris coin-operatedmodels provide a complete package of effective tools to create the most profitable operation possible. Numerous standard features includingself-diagnostic,multi-lingualmicroprocessor, and

sleek, space-savingdesign that translates into more efficient drying per square foot, make Solaris the natural choice for anycoin-oplaundry.




Surpassing customer expectations


every day.


Coin Op