American Dryer Corp T50, T20, T30, -T75 User Manual

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Data Label Information _____________________________________________________________

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When contacting JLA, the information on the data label is required to ensure proper service/parts assistance. The data label is located at the upper left rear of the dryer behind the back guard.

1.Model Number – This describes the style of dryer and type of heat (gas, electric, or steam).

2.Serial Number – Allows the manufacturer to gather information on your particular dryer.

3.Type of Heat – This describes the type of heat for your particular dryer, gas (either natural gas or L.P. gas), electric, or steam.

4.Heat Input (For Gas Dryers) – This describes the heat input in British thermal units per hour (Btu/hr) or kilowatts (kW).

5.Orifice Size (For Gas Dryers) – Gives the number drill size used.

6.Electric Service – This describes the voltage and current rating for a particular model.

7.Gas Manifold Pressure (For Gas Dryers) – This describes the manifold pressure taken at the gas valve tap.

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