Alto-Shaam 1220, COMBITHERM COMBINATION Oven - Steamer ES electric combitouch, 714, 1018, 610, 1010, VHES-10, VHES-5, 2020 User Manual

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tRansportation damage and claims

All Alto-Shaamequipment is sold F.O.B. shipping point, and when accepted by the carrier, such shipments become the property of the consignee.

Should damage occur in shipment, it is a matter between the carrier and the consignee. In such cases, the carrier is assumed to be responsible for the safe delivery of the merchandise, unless negligence can be established on the part of the shipper.

1.Make an immediate inspection while the equipment is still in the truck or immediately after it is moved to the receiving area. Do not wait until after the material is moved to a storage area.

2.Do not sign a delivery receipt or a freight bill until you have made a proper count and inspection of all merchandise received.

3.Note all damage to packages directly on the carrier’s delivery receipt.

4.Make certain the driver signs this receipt. If he refuses to sign, make a notation of this refusal on the receipt.

5.If the driver refuses to allow inspection, write the following on the delivery receipt:

Driver refuses to allow inspection of containers for visible damage.

6.Telephone the carrier’s office immediately upon finding damage, and request an inspection. Mail a written confirmation of the time, date, and the person called.

7.Save any packages and packing material for further inspection by the carrier.

8.Promptly file a written claim with the carrier and attach copies of all supporting paperwork.

We will continue our policy of assisting our customers in collecting claims which have been properly filed and actively pursued. We cannot, however, file any damage claims for you, assume the responsibility of any claims, or accept deductions in payment for such claims.

Record the model and serial number of the appliance

for easy reference. Always refer to both model and serial number in any contact with Alto-Shaamregarding this appliance.


Serial Number:______________________________________________

Date Installed:______________________________________________


Purchased From:____________________________________________



Alto-Shaamhas established atwenty-fourhour emergency service call center to offer immediate customer access to a local authorized service agency outside of standard business hours. The emergency service access is provided exclusively forAlto-Shaamequipment and is available throughout the United States through the use ofAlto-Shaam'stoll-freenumber. Emergency service access is available seven days a week including holidays.

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