Allied Telesis Converteon AT-CV5000- User Manual
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Contacting Allied Telesis

Online Support

Email and






Sales or




Software Updates

This section provides Allied Telesis contact information for technical support as well as sales and corporate information.

You can request technical support online by accessing the Allied Telesis Knowledge Base: You can use the Knowledge Base to submit questions to our technical support staff and review answers to previously asked questions.

For Technical Support via email or telephone, refer to the Support & Services section of the Allied Telesis web site: Select your country from the list displayed on the website. then select the appropriate menu tab.

For hardware warranty information, refer to the Allied Telesis web site:

Products for return or repair must first be assigned a return materials authorization (RMA) number. A product sent to Allied Telesis without an RMA number will be returned to the sender at the sender’s expense.

To obtain an RMA number, contact the Allied Telesis Technical Support group at our web site: Select your country from the list displayed on the website. Then select the appropriate menu tab.

You can contact Allied Telesis for sales or corporate information through our web site: To find the contact information for your country, select Contact Us->Worldwide Contacts.

New releases of management software for our managed products are available from either of the following Internet sites:

Allied Telesis web site:

Allied Telesis FTP server:

If you prefer to download new software from the Allied Telesis FTP server from your workstation’s command prompt, you will need FTP client software and you must log in to the server. Enter “anonymous” for the user name and your email address for the password.