Allied Telesis Converteon AT-CV5000- User Manual
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Chapter 2: Installation

Starting a Remote Management Session

The procedure in this section explains how to start a remote management session using the 10/100Base-TXport on theAT-CV5M01Management Card on the chassis. You can use a remote management session to configure the chassis operating parameters and view performance and error statistics using theAT-S70management software.

To manage a chassis remotely, you must first assign an IP address to it.

For information about assigning an IP address to the system, refer to

Chapter 1, “Getting Started,” in the AT-S70 Management Software User’s


To start a remote management session, perform the following procedure:

1.Connect a twisted pair cable to the 10/100Base-TXport on the front of theAT-CV5M01Management Card, as shown inFigure 47.







Figure 47. Connecting a Twisted Pair Cable to the 10/100Base-TXPort on theAT-CV5M01Management Card


The RJ-45port runs in MDIX mode. Be sure to use the proper cable.

The connector and port pinouts are shown in “RJ-45 Twisted Pair

Port Pinouts” on page 103.

2.In the Telnet application, specify the IP address of the AT-CV5000chassis that you want to access.

The software initializes and then the login prompt is displayed.

3.Press <Return> twice.

4.When prompted, enter a username and password.

To configure the chassis settings, enter “manager” as the username. The default password for manager access is “friend”.

To just view the settings, enter “operator” as the username. The

default password for operator access is “operator”.


AT-CV5000Media Converter Chassis Installation Guide

Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive.

Refer to the AT-S70Management Software User’s Guidefor information about how to move through the menus and make menu selections.


Chapter 2: Installation