Alcatel-Lucent 7342 ISAM FTTU User Manual

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7342 Intelligent Service Access Manager (ISAM) Fiber to the User (FTTU)

The Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU enables IP converged triple play services by offering maximum bandwidth and QoS over fiber access. Its FSAN standards compliant GPON implementation is unmatched in features — 2.5 Gb/s bandwidth, 20 km reach, ONT Management and Control Interface (OMCI), and the most robust QoS for triple play services. TheAlcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU integrates smoothly with legacy voice and RF video networks, and allows you to grow new service revenue and offer true gigabit download speeds. With theAlcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU, your can decrease OPEX for tech-

nical and service representatives, and reduce churn

with attractive service bundles, increasing ARPU and decreasing subscriber acquisition cost.

2 Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU

Optical Broadband from the Broadband Leader

The Alcatel-Lucent7342 Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM) Fiber to the User (FTTU) system provides you with a21st-centuryplatform for bundled services and offers a wide range of network applications, including fiber access to residential and business subscribers, as well as subscribers in multiple dwelling or tenant units (MDU/MTU). With theAlcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU, you gain along-termstrategic advantage over your competition. You can offer any service mix with increased reliability and performance, while significantly lowering operational costs.

The Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU system offers a GPON solution with unparalleled scalability, port density, and performance.

The Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU uses Full Service Access Network (FSAN) standards compliant gigabit passive optical network (GPON) technology to multiplex any mix of voice, video or data in the central office (CO) onto a single fiber that is terminated at the subscriber’s premises. Each PON line supports 2.5 Gb/s downstream and 1.2 Gb/s upstream. In addition to GPON performance, PON lines can be extended up to 20 km with 32 subscribers per PON, or up to 64 subscribers per PON for shorter distances.

As the foundation of a cost-effectiveall-IPoptical access network, theAlcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU system supportsnext-generationvoice, data, and video services over IP using Ethernet interfaces while maintaining robust support for legacy services, such as plain old telephone service (POTS) and radio frequency (RF) video.

The Alcatel-Lucent7342 system usesAlcatel-Lucent’sISAM technology for intelligentIP-basedaccess, enabling reuse of network deployment models and management systems.

Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU 3

The Alcatel-LucentISAM technology is also designed forwire-speedperformance withcost-effectiveEthernet switching and enhanced Layer 2/Layer 3 functions.

The Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU combines ISAM performance with a comprehensive integrated solution for fiber access. With this technology, you have the flexibility to deliver RF video, IPTV, data, legacy and next generation voice – as well as backhaul 2G, 3G and WiMAX radio access, all on one platform. Just as important, theAlcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU is managed by the same systems used for allAlcatel-Lucentaccess products: theAlcatel-Lucent5526 Access Management System (AMS) in ANSI markets, or

the Alcatel-Lucent5523 ADSL Work Station (AWS) in ETSI markets.

Increase Service Revenue

Gaining a competitive edge often means offering more services to increase revenue and reduce churn; however, your existing access network is probably not designed to deliver a full suite of services. The Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU is a strategic access platform that enables delivery of these and future services. Offering a complete suite of voice, data, and video can dramatically increase yourtop-linerevenue as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Incremental Revenue from FTTU






















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Voice, Video


and Data

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Source: The Yankee Group, 2004






Premium Video

Digital Video

Basic Video


Long Distance


4 Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU

Lower Operational Costs

Increasing revenue from new services is only part of the value offered by the Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU solution. Service providers are beginning to document the operational savings achieved with optical access networks. By using passive elements, the fiberbasedAlcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU solution delivers cost savings that can result in between 40 and 60 percent lower labor expenses compared with using existing copper networks. These savings are achieved in reduced subscriber contact associated with service orders, trouble reporting, outside plant operations, CO operations, and network operations. As shown in Figure 2, financial analysts see the opportunity to reduce longer term operating expenses with capital investment in FTTU.

The high degree of integration and the passive nature of the outside plant used in the Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU solution greatly simplify network operations. Your service provisioning can be largely automated because the network is designed to support a spectrum of services from day one, which is not the case in today’s copper networks. Services can be initiated and terminated by your subscribers, saving labor costs that can be used for other aspects of customer care, such as improving customer loyalty. In addition, because multiple services are provided via a single network, customer care can be much more effective and offer moreup-sellingopportunities. This also decreases your churn, cutting back on marketing costs for individual services and order generation.

Figure 2. Incremental EBITDA from FTTU Build





Op. Exp.





Source: ARMIS database and Bernstein Analysis

Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU 5

A Scalable Full-ServiceSolution

With the Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU system, you also get thebest-in-classsolution for deployment ofGPON-compliantfull service access networks. The system is the result of years of R&D going back to themid-1990s.Indeed,Alcatel-Lucentis a leader in PON technology development and has been instrumental in the work of the FSAN Group and the standardization of optical access by theITU-T.

The Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU platform has throughput capacity and operational enhancements unmatched by competitors. In addition to usingAlcatel-Lucent’smarket-leadingGPON technology, this platform leveragesAlcatel-Lucent’sleadership position in DSL andnext-generationDLC in two key ways:

The 7342 ISAM FTTU uses the same Layer2/Layer3 technology as the industry-leadingISAM platform for IP DSLAM

The 7342 ISAM FTTU uses the same management system (5526 Access Management System [AMS] in the ANSI markets or 5523 ADSL Work Station [AWS] in the ETSI markets) as the Alcatel-LucentISAM and Litespan platforms

Access Platform for a Competitive Edge

The Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU platform provides you with unmatched, scalable bandwidth using GPON technology for video, voice, legacy andhigh-speeddata services. Your services are delivered using a single fiber withreceive-and-transmit wavelengths multiplexed together — along with an optional wavelength for downstream RF video. FTTU enables you to deliverhigh-revenue,next-generationservices today –cost-effectivelyand efficiently.

6 Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU

Figure 3 illustrates the elements of a complete Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTUend-to-endsolution. The solution includes a packet optical line terminal(P-OLT),located in the CO, that terminates PON interfaces connected to many

outlying ONTs. The Alcatel-LucentFTTU solution includes four different types of ONTs: Indoor ONTs (ONTI-Series)for single family homes; Outdoor ONTs (ONTO-Series)for single family homes and Small Office Home Offices (SOHOs); Business ONTs (ONTB-Series);and Low Profile Multiple Dwelling/Tenant ONTs for up to 12 living units or small businesses(LP-MDU-ONTs).

The Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU solution supports longer reach from the CO to the subscriber — up to 20 kilometers (12.4 miles). Each fiber terminated at theP-OLT

in the CO can be split using optical splitters, which enables the 7342 to serve up to 64 ONTs located

at outlying subscriber sites. The Alcatel-Lucent7342 FTTU performs service differentiation and traffic flow prioritization in the ONT andP-OLT.The solution grooms voice traffic and forwards it to the PSTN voice gateway — the GenBand G6 using GigE interfaces. Data traffic is groomed and forwarded to a broadband service aggregator (BSA)

using multiple GigE and 10 GigE interfaces. Traffic flow prioritization is performed at all interfaces using up to 8 queues for different service types. Traffic flow grooming is performed by using per service or per subscriber virtual LANs (VLANs) in the Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU and virtual private LAN service (VPLS) instances in the BSA. The VPLS instances are terminated at the BSR, which is connected to the IP routed network.

Figure 3. Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU in a Network



5526 AMS/5523 AWS

20 km

NGN Voice

7342 Single


ONTs Homes




1490 nm

2.5 Gb/s





10 GigE











1310 nm

1.25 Gb/s





7342 P-OLT





7750 BSR




7450 BSA















1550 nm















with up




Class 5


R F Video

to 12 LUs




Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU 7

For IPTV, the Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU supports the Internet group management protocol (IGMP) proxy/snooping function within theP-OLTand ONT, permitting dynamic multicast of video channels. The GigE/10GigE interfaces at eachP-OLT,the GPON interfaces, and the ONTs receive and forward IP video traffic using multicasting. In addition to IP video, theAlcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU system includes an optional integrated RF overlay solution for video services. A video optical line terminal(V-OLT)is used to amplify the video signal usingerbium-dopedfiber amplifiers (EDFAs) for transmission downstream.

Service Access

With the Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU solution, you can also deliver a full bundle of services — voice, data, and video — over a single fiber cable to any residential subscribers — for indoor or outdoor deployment — whether these subscribers are living in single family units (SFUs) ormulti-dwellingunits

(MDUs). Moreover Alcatel-LucentONTs are compliant withITU-Tstandards and managed through an ONT management and control interface (OMCI).

The Alcatel-Lucent7342 ONTO-Seriesis designed to deliver triple play services tosingle-familyhome owners and Small Office Home Office owners that need a telco demarcation point outside the home or office. The ONTO-Seriesis atemperature-hardenedunit ready for outdoor deployment with battery backup

for lifeline services. The SFU versions of the O-Seriesinclude two or four POTS interfaces and one or two Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and one optional F connector for RF video. In addition, an optional MOCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) interface is included for Ethernet over existing coax home wiring.

8 Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU

A scalable architecture, full GPON standards compliance with unmatched performance, IP multiservice, and a common management system for all access networks make the Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU your mostcost-effectiveoptical access solution on the market today.

The Alcatel-Lucent7342 ONTI-Seriesis designed to deliver triple play services tosingle-familyhomes.I-SeriesONTs can either be mounted inside the home or placed freestanding on a desk, and can be equipped with a battery backup for lifeline services. They include two POTS interfaces for voice, and up to two Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet interfaces forhigh-speeddata and one F connector for video.

The Alcatel-Lucent7342ONT-BSeries is designed to deliver triple play services to businesses that need a telco demarcation point outside the business site. TheB-SeriesONTs are temperaturehardened and ready for outdoor deployment with battery backup. They include eight POTS interfaces for voice, and one Gigabit Ethernet interface, two DS1 or EI interfaces for TDM services, and one optional F connector for RF video.

The Alcatel-Lucent7342 LP-MDU-ONTsare designed to provide services to residential subscribers in MDUs, such as apartment buildings ormulti-tenantunits such as business buildings. The ONT can connect up to 12 subscribers over telephone or Ethernet cables. Its low profile (3.844” x 17.43” x 12”) design is ideal for installation in terminal rooms in a rack, closet, or outdoor cabinet. Two different versions of theLP-MDU-ONTcan be used depending on thein-build-ing cable interface required. TheLP-MDU-VONT provides VDSL2 interfaces over telephone wires and theLP-MDU-GONT provides Gigabit Ethernet interfaces over Category 5/6 wires. Both versions include 24 POTS interfaces along with a coax interface with high launch power that you can use to distribute RF video.

The Alcatel-LucentONTs support Internet gateway message protocol (IGMP) snooping for Internet protocol television (IPTV) multicast, andITU-TH.248/session initiation protocol (SIP) for voice loop emulation andsoftswitch-basedvoice services.

Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU 9


The Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU is part of a completeend-to-endsolution for optical broadband fromAlcatel-Lucent.Leveraging our leadership in broadband access,Alcatel-Lucenthas developed a solution with a robust feature set ideal for mass deployment. It uses acost-effective,standards-compliantpassive optical network that revolutionizes your access network infrastructure. It gives you a longterm competitive edge and delivers a range of broadband services to subscribers over a single optical fiber.



Alcatel-Lucent7342 Packet Optical Line Terminal(P-OLT)

Alcatel-Lucent7342 Indoor Optical Network Terminal (ONTI-Series)

Alcatel-Lucent7342 Outdoor Optical Network Terminal (ONTO-Series)

Alcatel-Lucent7342 Low Profile Multiple Dwelling Unit Optical Network Terminal(LP-MDU-ONT)

Alcatel-Lucent7342 Business Optical Network Terminal (ONTB-Series)

Alcatel-Lucent5526 Access Management System (AMS)

Alcatel-Lucent5523 ADSL Work Station (AWS)

Alcatel-Lucent5528Web-BasedAccess Manager (WAM)

Alcatel-LucentFS3000 and FS5000 Platform

Video Optical Line Terminal (V-OLT)

Genband G6 Universal Media Gateways

10 Alcatel-Lucent7342 ISAM FTTU