Alcatel-Lucent 6850-U24X User Manual
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Connections and Cabling

Once your switch is properly set up and all the required hardware components are installed, you should connect all network and management cables required for your network applications. Connections may include:

RJ-45cable connection to the console port

Single mode or multimode fiber cables to combo port SFPs as required by your network

Ethernet cables to 10/100/1000 or 10/100 Ethernet ports as required by your network

Serial Connection Default Settings

The default settings for the serial connection are as follows:

baud rate








data bits (word size)




stop bits




Note. For information on modifying these settings, refer to theOmniSwitch 6850 Series Hardware Users Guide.

Connecting the Serial Cable

The console port, located on the chassis front panel, provides a serial connection to the switch and is required when logging into the switch for the first time. By default, this RJ-45connector provides a DTE console connection.

Note. For stacked configurations, the serial cable should be connected to primary management module. If you are connecting the serial cable to a stack, it is advisable to wait until the stack has booted and the primary module has been dynamically assigned. Refer to theOmniSwitch 6850 Series Hardware Users Guide for more information.

June 2007

Connections and Cabling 11