Alcatel-Lucent 6850-U24X User Manual
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Rack-Mountingthe Switch

Refer to the important guidelines below before installing the OmniSwitch chassis in a rack.

It is recommended that two people install the switch in the rack—oneperson to hold the chassis and position it in the rack, and a second person to secure the chassis to the rack using attachment screws (not supplied).

Alcatel-Lucentprovides tworack-mountflanges with each OmniSwitch 6850 Series switch. These flanges support standard19-inchrack mount installations.

These flanges must be attached to the chassis before the switch can be rack mounted.

Note. If you are installing the switch in a23-inchwide rack,Alcatel-Lucentoffers optional23-inchrack-mount-ing hardware. For more information, contact your AlcatelLucent representative.

Alcatel-Lucentdoes not providerack-mountscrews. Use the screws supplied by the rack vendor.

To prevent a rack from becoming top heavy, it is recommended that you install heavier equipment at the bottom of the rack whenever possible.

If you are installing the switch in a relay rack, be sure to install and secure the rack as per the rack manufacturer’s specifications.

Review page 6 for important chassis airflow and access recommendations before installing.

Rack Mounting Steps

To rack-mountthe switch, follow the steps below:

Note. Rack-mountflanges may comefactory-installedin some cases. If this is the case, skip steps 1 and 2 below.

1Align the holes in the provided rack-mountflanges with the four threaded holes in the OmniSwitch chassis. These threaded holes are located in the left and right sides of the chassis, near the front panel.

2Attach the flanges to the chassis using the provided Phillips-headscrews. Be sure to tighten each of the screws firmly using a Phillips screwdriver.




Attaching a Rack-MountFlange

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3After the rack-mountflanges are secured to the chassis, mark the holes on the rack where the switch is to be installed.

4Lift and position the switch until the rack-mountflanges are flush with the rack post.

5Align the holes in the flanges with the rack holes that were marked in step 3.

6Once the holes are aligned, insert a rack-mountscrew (not provided) through thebottom hole of each flange. Tighten both screws until they are secure.

Attaching the Switch to the Rack

Note. Be sure to install the screws in thebottom hole of each flange, as shown, before proceeding.

7Once the screws at the bottom of each flange are secure, install the remaining two rack-mountscrews. Be sure that all screws are securely tightened.

8If you are installing multiple switches in a rack to form a stacked configuration, repeat steps 1 through 7 for all switches in the stack.

Note. When rack mounting multiple switches in a stacked configuration, be sure to place all switches in verticallyadjacent rack positions. This will ensure that all required stacking cables will have adequate length for the installation.

June 2007

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